Myths and Realities of the First Uni Year


Enrolling into university is an exciting period for every teenager. It’s an opportunity to discover your passions, become an independent individual and meet new and interesting people. However, a great number of freshmen become stunned as soon as their first year begins.

They’ve been misguided by unfair presentations of uns showed in teen movies or someone else’s misperceptions. Therefore, if you want to avoid getting disappointed or completely overwhelmed by your university experience, you should take some time to learn more about the real reality of the first year as a uni students.

Myth no. 1: A reputable uni will get you a better job

One of the greatest misconceptions about the university is that if you earn a degree from a prestigious college or university, you’ll get a better job. The fact that you’ve earned a degree with excellent grades is what truly matters. What also matters is that you’re truly interested in and good at what you do and that you can put the knowledge you’ve acquired into practice.

Just because someone has a degree from a reputable university doesn’t mean that they’ve got what it takes to succeed. Your abilities, skills, knowledge and resourcefulness will get you to the top.

Myth no. 2: You don’t need to adjust your studying approach

Some students believe that just because they’ve been excellent students in high school, they’ll be at the top of their game in college, as well. However, they can soon realise that their old habits aren’t appropriate for their new responsibilities. University courses are completely different to high school ones, so you’ll probably need to adjust your studying approach and acquire new habits.


You may need to start studying differently, find a new place to study and even study at different times of the day. Studying at night in your bed might have worked before, but the chances are that this approach won’t get you through your first semester.

Myth no. 3: The Internet is just a distraction

You’ve probably heard from your fellow students or their predecessors that the Internet has made their lives more difficult. They couldn’t focus because they needed to check their social media profiles or watch a new episode of their favourite series. However, the internet will open up a world of learning opportunities. You can find sites with helpful studying resources and additional materials.