My study abroad story


However, going abroad doesn’t only mean enjoying the student’s life as you see and secretly dream of in American films. It also means responsibility and dedication. You must become independent. Leave your home, family and friends. It requires becoming financially independent as well (though I can’t say my parents don’t support me a little). It involves going to a place where you literally know no one. All that by yourself.

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Later in summer, I became doubtful about myself. I was already planning to stay at home and trash all the effort. I was very indecisive. One day I would wake up and be ready to go and the other I’d just want to stay lying in my bed. Stay with my parents forever. Luckily enough, in the end I concluded that I should go. It was a huge challenge and besides I thought I should not waste all my effort and the chance which had been offered to me. We’re living in the 21st century, when liberty is taken for granted.

We’re so lucky to be free to travel and I believe that we should make use of it. On top of that, all the magical videos, pictures and comments about UofG, the fascinating stories of students and graduates have attracted me even more. After all, who wouldn’t like to be Harry Potter. So, after all those years, at the age of 20, I finally made it to Hogwarts!

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I must admit that I have genuinely enjoyed the first year at Glasgow Uni as a fresher. The most important feature for a student is definitely the attitude of the university and the educational system itself. I discovered that the Scottish educational system suits me very well….especially the 4 months of holidays. As for the attitude of the staff, professors and basically everyone I have encountered, it is beyond friendly.