My study abroad story


After 2 months, I was already considering changing the course. Which course though? English? Spanish? What If I wasn’t satisfied again? What’s the point of studying a language in my home country? Anyway, around that time, I was chatting with a high school friend of mine, who has gone abroad to study in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She’d told me all these great stories, about the level of education there (which I wasn’t really satisfied with in my home country) and again, I got really thrilled and inspired. As far as I remember we got a couple of skype calls (when I was that incredibly annoying friend who asked like millions of question, poor her, I’m sorry) and then I made my final decision to go abroad.

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Fortunately, telling my family wasn’t that tough, because they were supportive, although they didn’t fancy the idea of me being thousands of kilometres away from them and alone. Trust me, I didn’t like it either. Everything went well, I got accepted at Glasgow University and the adventure has started! Urm…not quite yet. It was spring and I was still stuck at home.

In order to be able to go I had to save up some money, to pay for the flight ticket, deposit, rent, food, some stuff….etc. For me, a good way to earn some money was via teaching English in our local language school, where I was already working since I was 18. I was doing something that I enjoy and I got paid for it. Win-win.