Moving to the US for College


Depending on your field of study, an American university can give you with excellent education and set you on track to a successful career. However, applying to college as an international student can seem like a daunting process. Use our five tips below for a smoother immigration experience when you plan on moving to the US for college.

Contact Your School's International Advisor

Most universities have an international student advisor who helps you understand the university's requirements and application process. You can reach out to this person before you even apply to the university. Explain your situation, and ask about the university's recommendations for international students. Stay in contact with this person throughout the process, and keep them advised of your immigration status.

Take an English Proficiency Assessment

If English isn't your first language, most universities require you to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. You'll probably have to take the TOEFL test or a similar assessment to demonstrate that you can communicate in English at the college level.

Fill Out the Right Paperwork

Before you can receive your visa, you'll likely need to fill out a Form I-20, which certifies you get the right visa. You should check all of the details on your I-20 against your passport. Make sure your name is spelled correctly and that both documents show the same birthdate.
Once you complete the form, you'll need to pay a SEVIS I-901 fee. If you have any questions about how to fill out the paperwork, which visa to apply for, or how to pay the fee, talk to your immigration lawyer.