Moving on a limited budget?


Ship what you can

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Shipping some items via Post office is a lot cheaper than leaving it to moving company. Consider shipping some non-fragile items as well as those you won’t be needing immediately upon arrival to a new residence.

Shipping is a great option for boxes filled with books since they are the heaviest and moving company would charge you a ridiculous amount of money for them. Of course, the delivery will take longer, but it’s not like you need to read all volumes of Game of Thrones the moment you set foot in your new place.

Consider storage


Once they’re packed, moving stuff from one location to another is fairly easy, though it may become complicated when moving to a smaller place, distant location, or just having a temporary move. For example, if you’re leaving Perth to study abroad, or having a year off to explore the Old Continent, perhaps you should consider an affordable self storage in Perth, since bringing your piano along may hold you back a little while touring across Europe.


Moving day always comes too soon for those who tend to procrastinate, so be wise and hum the early bird tune while planning and organising ahead. While humming, keep in mind that the Odyssey you are about to experience will unfold a new chapter of your life, with brand-new characters and new challenges. A perfect time to start over, to dive into uncertainty and to embrace the change.

Ready to rock'n roll then?


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