Moving on a limited budget?


Unless you have decided to let go of all your possessions and to start over somewhere else with your new ascetic life, moving can easily turn into an agonising process that will drain your energy and wallet.

On the other hand, if you plan to continue your existence as a creature of this millennium, attached to your dear belongings, worry not, my friend, because there are ways to make this whole venture bearable while at a reasonable cost.

First and foremost, do the research

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Whether doing it yourself or hiring the professionals, take the time to plan and predict all the possible expenses that will emerge during the moving. If you are moving across town, then it is possible to make it into a DIY project with a rented truck and a help of friends.

Then again, if this is a cross-country or cross-continent relocation start researching moving companies as soon as possible and ask for bids. Try to avoid peak seasons (May -September), weekends and holidays, as well as last and first days of the month, since moving companies charge higher rates during these days. And don’t forget to negotiate the price.

Your version of asceticism

Now is the perfect time to exercise minimalism and to de-clutter your home. Unburden your load and get rid of all the unnecessary things. Take a good look at your stuff and think when was the last time you used them and are they worth the trouble and cost of moving them. If not, sort them out and possibly even earn something through a yard sale. Though not a very ascetic move, it can be quite useful to have some extra cash for the road.

Packing Tricks

Aside from the fact that you own so many things, another thing that may come as a surprise is the cost of packing. To avoid this needless expense look for free boxes that lie behind supermarkets or other stores. Pack your clothes in trash bags, since it doesn’t require boxes at all.

Use sheets and towels to wrap fragile things as well as t-shirts and socks for wrapping up the glass items. Although you can save some money with this clever packing, keep in mind that a pile of wrap-laundry will be waiting for you the moment you settle into your new home.