How to fill a dorm vacancy without sounding desperate


Social networking

Facebook and other social networking sites are helpful in finding a new roommate. Some schools allow students to add their names to listings of students looking for roommates. They can check out potential roommates on Facebook to see if they could be compatible.

Another way to find a compatible roommate is to fill out an online profile which is then matched to potential students that would be good choices. Some schools require that students apply for housing via a link on the website. Once students have registered, they can request a roommate.

Property management companies and their role


Property management companies manage all types of real estate including apartments, homes, condos, retail stores, industrial complexes, and college dorms. A lot of public universities are contracting private companies to build and manage their dorms.

Student housing companies can construct dorms cheaper than the schools, freeing up their resources for student services and classrooms. Use their services to help you find someone who might be interested in the living space up front. Check first to see if your complex has a property management company and how to get in touch.

Duties of the property manager

The property manager or dorm supervisor must have excellent communications skills and leadership qualities. The manager is responsible for running the dorm efficiently and ensuring the welfare and safety of all its students.

The person who manages the house is responsible for the staff and ensuring that the rules and policies of the school are enforced. Talk to them or an RA about filling an empty contract and where they might want to look first.