How to fill a dorm vacancy without sounding desperate


Living with a college roommate can be both a fun and challenging experience. You're getting accustomed to life on campus and sharing your living space. You’ll probably also be getting used to living on your own and doing things for yourself. Open communication is the best way to start off a relationship with a new roommate.

If you’ve found a dorm, or nearby apartment, filling an extra space or another contract is probably top of your list for saving money on rent. Of course, how to you fill those spaces without desperately accepting the first application? Here are some first-time renting tricks.

Starting the search

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Most colleges work to find you a roommate that you can get along well with, and have you fill out a questionnaire about preferences. That information will still be on file when you have a vacancy. The hall staff can assist you in finding a new roommate that's compatible. 

If you are on your own, list these preferences and general schedules so people know what kind of living space they’ll be getting into. If you come home late, be sure to mention it. If you are all students or you all work early in the morning, be sure to list that as well.

Using the web

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Some schools use software that matches students according to the information they provide. Although it's not totally foolproof, the software can be quite accurate. Some small colleges match students by hand, especially in a themed house where most students have common interests.

Whether you use software or fill out a questionnaire, you should be honest with your answers. You'll have to share the space with a roommate for a year, so you want to live with someone that shares your interests and has a compatible lifestyle.