How to avoid 3 pervasive health issues


Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they can’t be stricken with some serious and relatively common health issues. College campuses in particular offer a unique environment for certain health issues to develop.

This means educators, students and their parents all need to be knowledgeable of college-centric health problems. Be wary of these three health issues that are common on college campuses and take the necessary steps to avoid them.


Alcohol And Drugs

Suddenly away from home and the watchful eyes of their parents, many college students might party in excess or try harmful substances. This can be because they are curious themselves, aren’t armed with the necessary knowledge of how these substances will affect them or peer pressure might take hold.

For many students, the use of alcohol or drugs is illegal, and even if they are not, overuse is a considerable problem. Students can take precautionary measures, such as having designated drivers or using taxis or ridesharing services. Parents can help prevent drug and alcohol use/abuse by being frank with their teenagers on these subjects, and arming them with knowledge.