How not to end up eating dry pasta 7 times a week


9. Watch out for Free Food and Events on Campus

The campus is your heaven! Always remember that and watch out for special deals. Many clubs organize events with free food. So, even if the theme of the meeting is not exactly your most favorite thing, free food will make up for it. Also, take advantage of the free film screenings, concerts or festivals organized on university grounds.


10. Make the Most from the End-of-the-year Massive Move Out

The truth is most students plan their end of the year responsibilities poorly and when it’s time to move out they end up throwing out a lot of great stuff. You can find literally anything including dishes, appliances, cool posters, furniture, even a mini fridge.

Being around when everybody is desperately trying to get rid of stuff can save you a lot of money for the next year. Plus, if you don’t need what you find, you can sell it at the beginning of the new semester!

11. Apply for Scholarships

A ridiculous amount of scholarships internationally goes to waste. Students don’t apply because they don’t think they are eligible. There are thousands of small scholarship that have nothing to do with academic results and are simply there for students in need. Do some research and a bit of work - it’s worth it.  

12. Get a job that Brings Along Freebies!

Well, having a job is a great plus already. However, having a job that offers free food, free cinema, or ridiculously discounted clothes is a gold mine. So, when you intend to work, choose your job wisely!


Special thanks to Andrea Boffo for providing us with this article. Andrea is a frugal living enthusiast and who likes to share his insights and share the happiness of frugal living. As a content creator, she get lots of inspiration to write about saving habits, and showcasing the benefits of it. Andrea is CEO of PlusVoucherCode, a website that provides discount codes to save money on online purchases.