How not to end up eating dry pasta 7 times a week


5. Snack-up

No matter how cheap the campus cafe is, it’s not as cheap as a supermarket. When heading out of your place, you can never know what’s gonna happen or how long you get stuck on campus. Carrying snacks with you at all times will save you from impulse food shopping when the hunger strikes.


6. Group-up for Dinner

Get a group of friends together for dinner. Shopping for dinner for 4 or 6 is more economical than shopping for one, and you can afford a bit more variety. Plus, it’s a bit more fun than stuffing yourself with pasta while watching YouTube videos.

7. Set an “Entertainment Budget”

This is quite obvious, but surprisingly very few people actually do it. The simple act of setting an amount you are willing to spend on entertainment and free time activities will help you plan ahead and make better decisions. After all, it’s not about quantity but the quality of the experiences.

8. Drink at Home, Dance at the Club

Another money sinkhole is the party fuel. Going out is fine, but alcohol prices are staggering to a limited student budget. My recommendation is: always have a little pre-party at home and only pay for entrance to the club or one more beer in the pub.

You will save a LOT of money as well as control your drinking and stay safe. It will be impossible to get too drunk outside, and if you get too drunk at home, you probably won’t have the energy to go anywhere anyway.