How not to end up eating dry pasta 7 times a week


2. Forget Netflix or Hulu, Make use of the Library!

While streaming is convenient, it’s not cheap and (let’s face it) the internet on campus is far from being referred to as “fast.” You can borrow movies and TV series from the usually large collections of your University or public library. You can do it all year round and entirely for free! A library is simply the best DVD store!

3. Find an Alternative to Starbucks

You might love your triple caramel skinny soy frappuccino with cream on top but buying it on a daily basis is unsustainable. Starbucks is one of the most expensive cafes you can choose. Instead, if in need of caffeine and sugar, opt for smaller unassuming cafes.

They are cheaper, often offer a student discount or, if you hit the jackpot, even free refills.


4. Get Creative with Noodles

Instant ramen noodles are probably eligible to become the designated student food on an international scale. With a few hacks that can even be edible and nutritious. You can throw in an egg or frozen veggies to introduce some protein and vitamins to your carbs.

The same can be done with many other instant products; they are a perfect base for a meal. It’s fast to prepare and still cheap.