How not to end up eating dry pasta 7 times a week


Being student is not as easy as everybody thinks. We have our needs as well as an overwhelming desire to enjoy, explore and live to the fullest. However, such desires come at a price - a price not all of us can pay. So, below is a list of the ultimate money-saving hacks to help you make the most of your student life without going bankrupt.


1. Don’t buy New Textbooks!

Textbooks are probably the biggest money sinkholes in the whole of the universe. Buying new ones each semester is basically the same burning your cash (unless you take care of the book enough to resell it after). Anyway, there are ways to “cheat the system”:

  • Borrow textbooks from public or school library. The thing is, these days people tend to forget libraries exist and are helpful. Go early and get the books if possible.
  • If you can’t take them out scan reserves or print an ebook version (more and more universities offer textbooks in ebook format to satisfy the demand).
  • Find a cheap second-hand version online - Amazon is your friend!
  • Check campus pin boards or university forums - many students are selling their books after they are done with the course.