How High School Students can Volunteer Abroad


Volunteer Programs for high school students

There are plenty of projects that accept high school students. The projects are based on each community’s needs. Here are the most common types of activities for volunteers:

Conservation: Most countries have great initiatives for conserving the environment to help a safe and clean environment.

Education: Volunteers can also have the opportunity to teach English. You will have both children and adults as students.

Construction: Expect to paint some walls of a local building or school and help build a community center.

Community Development: You can create some programs for the youth or community.

Free volunteer programs for high school students

While some programs are paid, there are also free volunteer programs for high school students. These programs are not only free but also guarantee volunteer’s safety and amazing experience.

Student Exchange Programs: Student exchange programs can give high school students the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture. It usually takes around 2 months and is one of the best options to volunteer abroad for free, especially to young students.

Experiment in International Living: They offer summer programs for high school students with options to volunteer in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They require a registration fee but most of the cost of the trip is covered by the company.