Transitioning from homeschool to college: what to expect


No matter your high school experience, there is no getting around the fact that college is a different ball game. The truth is that every high schooler faces a significant transition when they move on to college.

Most homeschools provide the same education as k-12 schools, but there are other elements to consider that make the transition from homeschool to college uniquely challenging. Here are some changes that may stand out a little more prominently if you are making the move from homeschooling to college life.

Navigating college resources

Colleges and universities are known for providing a wide array of services to their students beyond the classroom experience. From residence halls to counseling services to tutoring centers, there is a department or office for virtually every need.

The challenge when you move from a homeschooling environment to a college campus is knowing how to find and utilise those resources. Be sure to pay attention during orientation events, take note of the resources that seem most useful to you, and try to physically visit as many of those resources as you can during your first term. You won’t regret it.

Relationships with professors and teaching assistants

One of the most intimidating aspects of college life can also be one of the most rewarding: developing relationships with your professors. Just like your parents or at-home educators, professors generally want to help you succeed. The difference, of course, is that professors may have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of students per term.