Home-cleaning essentials for first time living alone


Cleaning the bathroom


The bathroom has a wide range of surfaces to clean. You will need a bleaching agent that can easily dissolve body spray stains, soap scum, and oils. Body dirt also accumulates over time and needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

Before you handle these cleaners, make sure you wear protective gloves.  Wet the tub and tiles with hot water. Spray the surfaces evenly with the cleaner and give it time to dissolve the dirt. Use scrubbing pads to remove the dirt then rinse the surfaces clean.

If you have a glass bathroom, avoid using abrasive cleaners and pads or brushes. Use a nonabrasive cleaner to keep your glass clear and attractive.

You cannot afford to neglect the toilet. This is one area of the house that must be kept clean and germ-free. If you use hard water in your house, your toilet bowl will occasionally accumulate notorious stains. To keep such stains at bay, use cleaning vinegar. Apply the vinegar about two hours before you start cleaning. This will give it time to dissolve the stains. Scrub using a brush and rinse thoroughly.

Tidying up the living room


The living room is the face of your home that visitors see when they call. You need to keep it neat and presentable. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out dust from drapes, carpets, and couches.

Note that carpets harbor foul odors, especially during wet seasons. To get rid of such, sprinkle some baking powder on the carpet and let it settle for a while before you clean it. Do not forget the ceiling and lamps, where cobwebs and dust easily colonize. Use a wet rag to wipe clean wooden furniture and appliances. You will need a mild detergent to do the trick.

Move the furniture to reach areas that are not easily accessible. You can use a broom to sweep loose dirt and then wipe the floor with a wet duster to remove the fine particles. Clean bookshelves and take some time to arrange their contents neatly. Do not forget to clean the windows and door handles as well.