Getting the most out of one month of SAT prep


3. Updates

Finally, make sure you don't just follow your materials blindly. Taking a practice test once a week can take a chunk out of your weekend, but it's a crucial part of SAT prep. It'll tell you where your prep's working, where it's not, patterns of error, and a lot of other important information. In fact, the info your SAT practice tests can give you is so vital that you should spend at least as much time going over it as you did actually taking it (not like that U.S. History exam that went immediately into the recycling bin once you saw the score).

At the end of the day, prepping for the SAT in a month is a little like navigating. Know where you're going (your score goals), set your course (with good materials and a plan), and know where you are (keep checking in). Plan ahead, and you'll give yourself the best chance of getting there!

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Special thanks to Rachel Kapelke-Dale for providing us with this article. Rachel is a high school and graduate exams blogger at Magoosh. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, an MA from the Universit√© de Paris VII, and a PhD from University College London. She has taught test preparation and consulted on admissions practices for over eight years. Currently, Rachel divides her time between the US and London.