500+ Free Audiobooks For Teachers and Students



  1. Amis, Martin- “Phantom of the Opera”
  2. Aristotle- Poetics
  3. Aristotle- Politics
  4. Aristotle – Physics
  5. Bauhaus Reviewed: 1919 to 1933 (Oral History of the Bauhaus School)
  6. Augustine, Saint- City of God
  7. Beard, Charles- History of the United States, Volume 1
  8. Beard, Charles- History of the United States, Volume 2
  9. Beard, Charles- History of the United States, Volume 3
  10. Beard, Charles- History of the United States, Volume 4
  11. Berger, John- Fellow Prisoners
  12. Berkeley, George- A Defence of Free-Thinking in Mathematics
  13. Burke, Edmund- A Philosophical Enquiry
  14. Burke, Edmund- Reflections on the Revolution in France
  15. Burroughs, William S.- Breakthrough in Grey Room 
  16. Burroughs, William S.- Burroughs at 100 (A radio documentary narrated by Iggy Pop)
  17. Camus, Albert- Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, 1957
  18. Camus, Albert- The Human Crisis(Read by Actor Viggo Mortensen)
  19. Campbell, Joseph- 48 Hours of Joseph Campbell Lectures
  20. Carroll, Lewis- Symbolic Logic
  21. Carroll, Lewis- The Game of Logic
  22. Channing, Edward- A Short History of the United States
  23. Chomsky, Noam- 24 Hours of Lectures and Talks on Democracy 
  24. Confucius- The Sayings of Confucius
  25. Darwin, Charles- On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
  26. Descartes, Rene – Discourse on Method
  27. Descartes, Rene – Meditations on First Philosophy
  28. Dickens, Charles- A Child’s History of England
  29. Doctorow, Cory- Content: Selected Essays on Technology, Creativity, Copyright and the Future of the Future
  30. Douglass, Frederick- Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
  31. Douglass, Frederick- A Speech to the People of Rochester, New York on the Hypocrisy of Slavery
  32. Dubois, W.E.B.- The Soul of Black Folks
  33. Emerson, Ralph Waldo – History
  34. Einhard, The Life of Charlemagne
  35. Einstein, Albert – Relativity
  36. Einstein, Albert- Albert Einstein in His Own Voice
  37. Emerson, Ralph Waldo- Collected Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson
  38. Faulkner, William- Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, 1954
  39. Foster Wallace, David- This is Water, 2005 Kenyon Commencement Speech
  40. Foster Wallace, David- The View from Mrs Thompson’s
  41. Freud, Sigmund- Dream Psychology
  42. Freud, Sigmund- A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis
  43. Freud, Sigmund- The Interpretation of Dreams
  44. Freud, Sigmund- Psychopathology of Everyday Life
  45. Freud, Sigmund- Reflections on War and Death
  46. Freud, Sigmund- Totem and Taboo
  47. Fuller, Buckminster- Buckminster Fuller Speaks His Mind
  48. Garcia Marquez, Gabriel- “The Solitude of Latin America”(Nobel Prize Speech)
  49. Gibbon, Edward- The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol 1.
  50. Gibbon, Edward- The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol 2.
  51. Gibbon, Edward– The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol 3.
  52. Goethe– Theory of Colors
  53. Grant, Ulysses S.– The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant
  54. Harding, Samuel – The Story of the Middle Ages
  55. Henry, Patrick– Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
  56. Henry, Patrick – Speech Addressing the Virginia House of Burgesses; Richmond, Virginia; March 23, 1775
  57. Hitchcock, Alfred– Alfred Hitchcock Interviews
  58. Holmes, Oliver Wendell– The Fountain of Youth
  59. Huxley, Aldous– Speaking Personally
  60. Huxley, Aldous– The Visionary Experience
  61. James, William– The Moral Equivalent of War
  62. Jefferson, Thomas– The Declaration of Independence
  63. Jobs, Steve– Stanford Graduations Speech, 2005
  64. Kandinsky, Wassily– Concerning the Spiritual in Art
  65. Kaufmann, Walter– Lectures on Nietzsche, Kierkegaard and Sartre
  66. Lessig, Lawrence– Free Culture
  67. Lincoln, Abraham– Gettysburg Address
  68. Macauley, Thomas– History of England
  69. Machiavelli, The Prince
  70. Marx, Karl– The Communist Manifesto
  71. McCleod, Ken– Wake Up to Your Life: Discovering the Buddhist Path of Attention 
  72. McLuhan, Marshall– The Medium is The Massage
  73. Mill, John Stuart– Utilitarianism
  74. Morrison, Toni– Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, 1993
  75. Nietzsche, Friedrich– Ecce Homo
  76. Nietzsche, Friedrich– Beyond Good and Evil
  77. Nietzsche, Friedrich– Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  78. Nietzsche, Friedrich– Twilight of the Idols
  79. Nin, Anais– The Diary of Anais Nin, Vol 1: A 60 minute reading by the author
  80. Paine, Thomas– Common Sense
  81. Plato– The Apology of Socrates
  82. Plato– The Republic
  83. Roosevelt, Theodore– Spanish-American War: The Rough Riders in Tampa
  84. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques– A Discourse Upon the Origin and the Foundation of the Inequality Among Mankind
  85. Russell, Bertrand– ABC of Relativity: Understanding Einstein
  86. Russell, Bertrand– Why I Am Not a Christian
  87. Sedaris, David– Santaland Diaries
  88. Smith, Adam– A Wealth of Nations Book 1and Books 2 & 3 
  89. Steinbeck, John– Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, 1962
  90. Strathern, Paul– Nietzsche in 90 Minutes 
  91. Sun-tzu– The Art of War
  92. Thoreau, Henry David– Walden
  93. Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War
  94. Tocqueville, Alexis de– Democracy in America Part 1and Part 2 
  95. Various– The Federalist Papers Rss Feed
  96. Various– The US Constitution
  97. Voltaire– Candide
  98. Vonnegut, Kurt– Anti-Censorship Letter Sent to School, read by Benedict Cumberbatch
  99. Wiesel, Elie– Night (a marathon community reading with Dr. Ruth, Itzhak Perlman & more)
  100. Wittgenstein, Ludwig–Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus


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