Dorm Life Made Easy: 4 Keys to Getting Along with Roommates - Anica Oaks


Maintaining a strong relationship with roommates can be quite the challenge. There are plenty of people who can attest to being friends first and then becoming roommates. Roommate situations can definitely ruin friendships. Whether or not people are friends from the start, there are a few things to consider in order to get along well with roommates.

1. Quiet Hours

Yes, dorm life is usually loud, crazy and fun. However, dorm life is also a part of collegiate life. People don't spend thousands of dollars to only have fun. They are in college to study, experience new educational opportunities, get good grades and graduate. It is important to be considerate of a person's need to study. Maintain quiet hours after a certain time. During quiet hours, refrain from entertaining loud guests. For those who love to listen to music or watch television, consider using the laptop to get entertainment during these hours. When using the laptop, enjoy the entertainment with earbuds on.

2. Assigned Space

When people move into a dorm space, they always come with their own personal things. Depending on the living situation, some may come with a mini-fridge, microwave, toiletries, etc. Some people actually come with their own furniture like sofas, chairs and vacuum cleaners. Some things may not fit in the shared space. If everyone has designated what areas are considered their personal space, then respect this rule. Furthermore, consider renting a storage unit in Memphis or your locale for whatever doesn't fit in the living space. It's always nice to err on the side of being considerate.