How to Develop Technical Knowledge, Real-World Experience and Leadership Skills in Your Career

A set of core skills is applicable for success in any company, field, or position. When the skills are practiced and strengthened, people rise to the top. Crucial talents needed for a successful career are wide and plenty, but here are a few simple suggestions you can begin implementing into your life today.


Daniel H. Pink wrote a book entitled 'To Sell is Human'. Even if marketing activities are not part of a job description, participants in team meetings, conferences, business development, and user experience use marketing skills. Having a sales foundation provides an advantage over competitors and colleagues. Many people are unaware they possess the needed foundation. Anyone who worked in fundraising or retail or convinced someone to change a mindset has the sales foundation needed.


Advanced degrees and certificate programs prepare individuals to make an impact within an organization and have a role in the evolution of an industry. It’s never too late to further your education with online programs that, by design, fit a busy schedule. Work on developing a certain skill set with programs like a master’s in health informatics that will set you apart from competitors.                 

Skills Transfer

A successful individual sees past experiences in a new light. A waitressing gig, weekend hobbies, full-time jobs, volunteer work, and classroom studies provide opportunities to learn things that are transferrable to future career success. Critical people skills develop when serving the public. Teamwork, customer service, and crisis communication are real life experiences people pick up along their life journey. Interpersonal expertise is a character quality to list on a resume when applying for a position.

Speaking Ability

Asking is the most underutilized skill needed to catapult a career. The Bible states, "Ask and you shall receive." Many career-minded people fail to ask permission to pitch an idea, ask for a promotion or raise, ask for bigger sales deals, or ask to take on extra responsibility. Without this simple technique, people are less likely to find work challenging, meaningful, or rewarding.

Technology Skills

A basic understanding of the internet and building apps and software is a game-changing advantage. There are online courses available. More and more positions require technical knowledge. The knowledge helps in interfacing with engineering and development teams.

How to Develop Technical Knowledge Real-World Experience and Leadership Skills in Your Career.3

Set goals and make a plan to achieve them. Accomplishing goals requires synthesizing skills and adding on layers of focus and passion. Cultivating and mastering the skills listed here aids in creating a desired career.