Competitive Careers for College Students

Deciding on one's career before heading to college is no easy task. There are all kinds of things to consider, from passions and interests to job stability and earning potential. These four competitive career options will help guide students in the right direction as they pursue higher education.



Here's a field of study that will give a competitive edge to students of all educational backgrounds. An online MBA degree is perfect for those who want to gain business savvy and navigate the world of products, start-ups, and more. With plenty of practical applications for the self-employed and corporate climbers alike, studying business gives students the tools to identify opportunities, evaluate risks, and ultimately succeed. It is a sensible and ambitious option for any student, worldwide.


Engineering is known for its high salaries and stable job positions. This field has a lot to offer, with specializations in anything from aerospace engineering to electrical engineering. For the innovators and makers of the world, it's even possible to get involved with 3D printing and cutting-edge manufacturing. This field is ultimately ideal for those willing to put in the effort to study hard and learn complicated subject matter while changing the future of technology as we know it.


Healthcare is another field that offers great job stability. The pay may vary by position, but this career still offers high earning potential. Even more important however is the ability to help others and take care of patients with this career. Individuals who want to work in healthcare should be personable, caring, and ready to go through years of schooling to become prepared.

Information Technology

If there's one thing we need in this technological era, it's people who can manage computers and solve problems on the day-to-day level. Businesses face technical issues every day when they'd rather deal with the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, customers, and profit. Even the average user of computers, smartphones and tablets often have to call into a company's hotline with questions and concerns when problems arise. With a high earning potential and job stability, this career is ideal for those with great problem-solving skills and the capability to provide amiable customer service.

If students pursue one of these four competitive career options, they'll be unstoppable. From studying nursing to obtaining an MBA online, anything is possible in these career paths.


Article written by Rachelle Wilber, a freelance writer based in San Diego, California.


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