Alumni Tips for Incoming Freshers


Alumni of universities often give advice to incoming freshers or freshman, but here’s a taste of what some reported about their experience to i-studentglobal.

Advice From Students in the UK

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"Don't buy the textbooks before you start; the library will have the latest additions."

            - Jim D.

"International students, don’t just hang out with people from your country - get involved!"

            - Josh V. 

"Don't spend your loan in a week."

            - Zaakary C. 

"Don't leave with a bad grade! Volunteer or intern if you can, especially during summer. Be an active student: go out, make friends, join a society or sports team - and give feedback about your degree. Have fun!"

            - Rebecca C. 

"Get chummy with your lecturers, that way you'll get all the help that you want when you want it without losing their respect."

            - Dom D. 

"Don't panic. When you go into your overdraft, when all you have are Pot Noodles to eat - that's just the student life - it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong." 

            - Robyn S. 

"Don't go into your overdraft. You'll never get back out of it again."

            - Matt F.