7 Time Management Tips for Students


5. Say NO to procrastination


Think about the answers to these questions: Where were you the most focused? Where were you most distracted? Is there anything you can do to make studying actually somewhat enjoyable? Studying with friends can limit their productivity. But for others, studying in groups can help to increase motivation and avoid procrastination.

6. Get some exercise

Did you know that exercise works the same way as sleep? Through exercise, you can focus your state of mind and help you clear your head. Aim to fit in a 10-minute run here and there, steadily increasing the amount you do as you go on.

7. Assess your organization tool

After trying a new method, measure and assess if it has been effective for you. This helps you recognize whether you need to make any changes in order to help you complete any university tasks and also have time to relax and spend time with friends and family.


This article was originally published on edarabia.com.