6 Videos To Help Prepare For University In The UK


It's September, which means that for a lot of students around the world it is time to travel to the UK to begin or continue their studies at university. Whether you're travelling from near, far or even within the UK, the start of university is a big deal! It's not something to worry about, but it is a real change from anything you've experienced before, so we at i-studentglobal think that it is important to prepare so that you can start your time at university with a positive attitude and get stuck in straight away - it's much harder to try this a few weeks in so we really think it's important to start strongly.


Here is a collection of videos which we've found in the YouTube community which we think may be helpful to new students before you arrive, including contributions from Mopani MK, Lucy Moon, Evan Edinger, Niomi Smart and Melee Booker.

DISCLAIMER: We do not fully endorse the advice given in these videos, but think that they are useful perspectives to consider before beginning your university experience. Some videos contain mild language so parental advisory is suggested. The views expressed are the opinions of the individuals and do not represent the institutions that they attend(ed).

Get Ready for University

A series of videos produced by University of Bangor in North Wales, Get Ready for University uses current students to give advice to prospective students joining the university. A lot of the information is relevant for all institutions in the UK and not just specific to Bangor. 

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