6 Simple Ways To Make Your Studying More Efficient And Effective

One sad fact about most schools is that no one really teaches you how to study. By the time school gets difficult, most teachers assume you have it all figured out. If you're still panicking when you have an exam, worry not - these six tips can help you make your studying a bit easier.


Set a Time

Sometimes, improving your study skills is as simple as setting up a regular study time. Carve out an hour or two a day for studying, and stick to it like you would an appointment at the gym. In time, studying will become part of your schedule.

Repetition Matters

Always study in the same way, in the same place, and in the same atmosphere. If you always listen to music when you study, don't stop now. If you always study underneath a blanket, make sure to keep one handy. People condition themselves to learning in a particular style, and changing the atmosphere can be detrimental to your attempts.

Write it Down

Write down everything you need to study in a checklist, and check off tasks as you complete them. One of the hardest problems for many is that studying seems like an insurmountable, endless process. If you actually write down what you need to study, though, you'll be able to see yourself crossing off goals in record time.

Use a System

Check to see if your school has any study systems or particular note-taking applications that you can use. If you're planning on attending Admiral Farragut Academy, for example, make sure you use the same kind of system that the school itself uses. This will help reinforce what you learn in class and make it easier for teachers and your peers to help you when you get stuck. Working with a system can change the way you think.

Invest in Headphones

A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones may be just what you need to make your study life easier. It's very easy to get distracted when you go through rough material, so invest in a pair of headphones that will shut out the outside world. This can really help you stay focused and it will also help others realize that you are trying to focus so they will leave you alone.

Embrace Technology

Finally, make things easier on yourself by embracing technology. If you've got a smartphone, record yourself studying so you can listen to any notes you make. If you've got access to quiz-making websites, create quizzes so you can test yourself on the go. Any tools you can use to make studying easier will not only help you study, but make you more likely to sit down and learn the materials.

By following the six tips above you can really start to study more efficiently and effectively. Try them all to create a better study style for yourself. In time, studying will become a normal and important part of your life. Just be sure to take the time to find out what works best for you. 

Article contributed by Kara Masterson, a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.


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