5 Degrees that will give you the best job security


Master’s in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers are always in demand because of the critical role they play in our technology-dependent culture. They design, develop, and troubleshoot electrical and electro-magnetic products and equipment of all kinds, from satellites to children's toys.

You can earn a master’s in electrical engineering online while working full time. It requires studying physics and advanced mathematics, but it can be a very rewarding career.

Master’s in Laboratory Technology

MA Lab

With the growing demand for medical care, healthcare facilities are expected to add 70,600 new jobs by 2022. As a laboratory technologist you'll perform tests on blood and other tissues to help doctors diagnose and treat patients. You can even start with an associate's degree and gain experience as you continue your studies.

Planning your education is planning your future. Experience and training in high-demand positions helps ensure that you'll always find employment.


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