5 amazing career opportunities for international students


International students looking for jobs after graduation face even more challenges than their native peers, with visa requirements and language barrier issues to consider. That doesn't mean that finding a solid and rewarding career is impossible, especially in fields international students are particularly well-suited to work in.

Consider these five amazing career opportunities international students can pursue after graduation.

1. Translation

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If you're from a country that does not primarily speak English, or you are fluent in a second language, translation can be a very lucrative career for any international student with strong linguistic abilities. You often don't need many credentials for translation work long as you speak and read both languages fluently. Translation work can even be done on a freelance basis from your own home if something like that has always been your dream.

2. Educator

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As an international student, you can offer your future students viewpoints they may not have considered before, no matter what subject you have decided to teach. Opening the eyes of the youth of the future is always a noble goal. Colleges and universities, in particular, are known for hiring foreign students for a variety of teaching or support roles. Fast-paced masters programs in education can be the key to your success if you want to follow the path of an educator.

3. English As a Second Language (ESL)


This career differs slightly from the typical educator mentioned above because while you can teach ESL classes in America to students, refugees or immigrants who speak your language, you can also go abroad to teach ESL courses in what can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

To teach English abroad, the only additional education you often need is a certificate from a quality ESL teaching program. Note that you often must be a native or fluent English speaker to qualify for many of these jobs.