3 Reasons to Spend a Gap Year Studying Abroad


It will help you learn the customs and traditions you wouldn’t encounter otherwise, but it will also help you grow your compassion and humanism. With so many opportunities, you can simply check online for volunteer programmes and spend your gap year where it really matters.

Preparing for College

A gap year can be helpful in many ways. You’ve probably thought about what you want to do after your last high school year, and a gap year can help you decide. However, if you already know what you want to focus on after high school, this doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from a year abroad. If anything, this experience can help you get ready for the studies ahead.

Let’s say you always wanted to become a doctor. To become one you have to spend years and years studying. Instead of jumping straight in your college dorm, think about visiting foreign countries and joining the healthcare programme.


You can learn quite a lot about doctor-patient communication, therapeutic exercises, building relationships, and the best thing is that you don’t need any prior medical knowledge. Medical help is always needed somewhere around the world, so consider this as an activity for your year abroad.