3 Reasons to Spend a Gap Year Studying Abroad


Quite a lot of students think about taking a year off, but not everybody knows what to do with that absolute freedom for a year. When it comes to wrapping up your high school experience, a gap year might be a great thing to do. It has even become somewhat of a standard in various countries around the world.

First of all, you need to understand what a gap year is and how it can help you. A gap year is great as it provides you with some breathing space after so much time studying. Some students decide to take a gap year and start their first jobs, but for others, this period is immensely useful in other ways.

Going abroad is one of the more popular solutions and for a reason. Taking a year off and traveling to a foreign country can seriously help you grow as a person. We did a bit of researching and we’ve come up with these interesting facts about spending a gap year abroad. So, let’s jump straight into it.

Making a Difference

Let’s start with the most humanitarian thing you can do on your year off abroad – volunteering. Sadly, there are a lot of places all over the world that go through quite a lot of struggle. There are loads of communities which suffer from different factors, and one way to grow as a person is to join the action and become a volunteer at some of those places.


This gives you the opportunity to do something that really matters, while at the same time you get the chance to experience a foreign country in a completely different light than other tourists. As a volunteer, you get to do things that really matter, and you can see the impact you’re making.