10 Tips To Help You Fit In (and score points) With The Locals


After having spent 4 years of my life studying in the UK, firstly in Bangor University, Wales and then at University of York, I wanted to pass on a few words of wisdom to those international students about to start their adventures studying in the UK.

1. If you are from an English-speaking country, it is best to agree with the locals that you do NOT in fact speak English but DO in fact speak American, Canadian, Australian etc… 

You will learn quickly that when confronted with a colloquial difference, such as calling the sidewalk a sidewalk and not the “pavement,” that you will be told you are not speaking English properly. My first instinct when this would happen to me was to argue back and tell my friends that whatever word I had just used was more descriptive than the “English” one. I would conclude, therefore that I had made an improvement to the English lexicon. DO. NOT. REPEAT. MY. MISTAKES.

2. When times get rough and exam stress gets high… make a cup of tea

There is nothing like a good brew to calm even the most savage of local folk. Just make sure you know how your friend/roommate/professor/boyfriend takes their tea! Observe closely how long they keep the bag in, whether they put the milk in first (MIF) or after (TIF), and whether they take sugar. Familiarize yourself with different brands of tea, and be prepared to speak passionately about Tetley’s, The PG Tips monkey, Yorkshire Tea (if you live in “The North”) and make sure you know how to pronounce Twinings correctly. (It rhymes with whining not swimming). 


“Is is scone like gone or scone like cone?”