10 Common Mistakes of Most International Students Studying Abroad


Most study abroad agents offer scholarships or discounts. To find out more about this, you simply have to go online. Moreover, international students who are performing well in their academics can receive financial grants from the government or other organisations.

They don't have a proper budget scheme

A budget scheme is essential to survive your study abroad semester/year. You need to develop a plan ahead of time. Try to know more about the cost of living in that particular city and see how your budget will fit. How much will you spend on rent, groceries, and transportation? Write them down and find a way to stick to your budget plan throughout the duration of your study.

They pack too many things


One of the cardinal rules of travelling is to take only the things you need. There’s absolutely no reason to pack too much luggage. Conquer your overpacking tendency by listing all the things you need and things you can live without or even purchase them from your host country once you arrive.

They make unrealistic expectations

Expecting too much can easily cause disappointments. Understand that not every day will be perfect and you will meet some people whom you can’t please. There will be both good and bad times. It’s not all fun and easy. Always keep this in mind.

They depend too much on technology

Yes, technology nowadays is an essential tool. However, trying to disconnect can also help you refresh your mind and focus on what’s ahead. Do not go around documenting every minute that happens in your life. See the new country through your eyes and not through your phone.

They lack orientation

It’s not a thing new students or freshmen look forward to, but orientations are in fact important. You will get essential information on how to settle in your school and also be familiarised with departments and programmes you need to know. Here, you will also get the chance to know other new students and make friends.


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