10 Common Mistakes of Most International Students Studying Abroad


One of the best experiences any person can get is by studying abroad. Not only do students get a memorable experience, but also knowledge and skills that will be useful in their future career. This is why each student must make the most of their study abroad adventure.

Getting to know the city, and making a real effort to understand and adapt to the culture are just some of the important things international students must not forget.

Here’s a list of the most common mistakes international students do when they study abroad:

They don't learn how to speak the host country’s language

Remember to learn and appreciate the language and culture of your host country. There is no need to be fluent in the language, as long as you learn how to say basic greetings and expressions in their language. Connect with local students and listen to them speak the language. Practise speaking it and learn as many words as you can.

'Try out' the language every chance you get – even if they speak back to you in English. Language ties people together, so learn as many as you can.

They don't know much about the host country

Before going abroad, make sure you research essential information about your host country. This helps you know the things you should and shouldn’t do, and helps you with the smooth transition. Learn about your school, the community where you’ll live, maps and public transportation in advance.

They never expect the unexpected

Sometimes even the most detailed and well-prepared plans fail. There’s always a chance that there will be minor changes in your travel plans. Learn to be flexible and predict the unexpected. Always have a plan B. The important thing is to learn how to bounce back and not get stuck in that unfortunate situation. Moreover, don’t let this ruin your whole trip.

They rarely step out of their comfort zone


Being flexible means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out new things you’re not used to. Learn the new culture, eat their food (even if it’s new to your taste buds). Who knows? The next thing you try might be your new favourite thing. This will strengthen your bond with your new environment, and help you adapt in no time.

They don't research scholarship opportunities or financial grants

Most international students looking for a prospect programme often miss searching for scholarship and financial aids first. This should be the start of your search as it will have a huge impact on your savings.