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“Tricks for living off campus as a freshman”

When you start going to college, where you live can mean the difference between a good start of your future career and a disappointing few semesters. As a freshman, living off campus may involve renting your first apartment, and that’s a daunting task for any new student. There are a few tricks to… read more


“4 unique college programs you should consider”

If you are getting ready to enter college, this is certainly an exciting time in your life. There will be many choices to make, so you will want to take time and consider all of your options. Enjoy the moment, but also have an eye towards the future and what you want to do when you graduate. With th… read more

Romp to victory: student competitions for you

“Romp to victory: student competitions for you”

Student life has its perks, sure. And, while we won’t be wasting your time listing thousands of uni advantages, we will, however, give you something to think about: tempting student competitions. Bring the house down by entering these matchless contests: The CineSpace Short Film Competition by N… read more


“Worldwide academic calendars”

Sure, there’s nothing more important than deciding which type of degree you want to get your hands on, which university you wish to hang about, and which country you want as your next cultural residence. Once you’ve established these points, the only thing left to do is to check in at the airpor… read more


“Wake me up before you go, go”

Up until recently, countries and regions pointed out the importance of opening their door to foreign students, but they’ve seldom acted on exploring international study opportunities for their own citizens. Now, with the world’s economies getting more tied to each other, that’s about to change… read more


“And the Oscar goes to... Montreal”

OK. It looks like you have made up your mind already. You will, after all, travel overseas to continue your studies. You kind of know which field you want to tackle, and everybody is rooting for you. But there’s one little thing you still need to tick off your list. Which city should you go to? S… read more


“Millennials, what’s driving you to study abroad?”

Despite what its name suggests, study abroad is not just an opportunity to improve the mind and specialise yourself in a certain field. Studying abroad is, over and above, the chance to assimilate new self-lives and take in new cultural experiences. In 2016, AFS Intercultural Programs, an internati… read more

Student in Ireland, for St. Patrick's Day?

“Student in Ireland, for St. Patrick's Day?”

There might be times when, in Ireland, you’ll find yourself slightly bored, scrolling up and down your phone, swiping left and right, watching videos with cats meowing on rhythms of rap. But not on St. Patrick’s day, no. On this 2017 St. Patrick’s Day, you have no reason not to hit the road a… read more


“Best student-abroad programs to try during college”

Study abroad programs were once considered a luxury for many college students. Today, they a staple in creating a rich and diverse college experience. Although it is recommended to study abroad for any student interested in getting a master’s degree in international relations, diplomacy, or foreig… read more

Europe: cultural differences you might bump into

“Europe: cultural differences you might bump into”

People around the world have different cultures that make them unique. When travelling to a far-off country, it is wise to acquaint oneself with its people’s way of life to avoid unpleasant surprises. This helps the visitor to adjust their expectations and know how to react when presente… read more


“Handwriting or typing?”

In today’s continuous digital boom, it’s hard to imagine a situation when students choose to turn a blind eye to computers. However unbelievable this may seem, research shows that university students tend to memorise information easier if they take their own notes... using just pen and paper. A… read more


“Freebies to watch for on campus”

When you're an international student, finding freebies wherever you can is essential. Knowing where you can save money will prove to be a great boon to your independent life. So, check out the list below for some things you may not have known are free for university students! Gym Colleges hav… read more

Make your move to the dorms smoother

“Make your move to the dorms smoother”

The big day is finally here: you're moving into a dorm and away from your parents. It can be an emotional experience, but if you're prepared, it can be smooth and straightforward. Here are some tips for navigating the move in. Ship Your Car If you're going to school out-of-state or even on the opp… read more


“4 Housing Trends for Millennial Students”

Let’s face it – the world today belongs to Millennials and no matter how difficult it is to process, this time belongs to them and everything is made by their measure. According to certain studies, Millennials make up 21% of consumer discretionary purchases, which is estimated to be over a trill… read more

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“What To Do On College Visits?”

No college search is complete without college visits. You'll get to know a college best by visiting it. Touring different campuses will also give you a chance to see if you prefer a small campus or a big one, a city school to a rural one, etc. Also, seeing the area around a college can make a big di… read more

5 Ways School Projects Can Help Foster Leadership

“5 Ways School Projects Can Help Foster Leadership”

In a world of tests, quizzes, essays and homework assignments, school projects can be the most difficult of them all. The good news is that you're working hard for a reason. Apart from the rest of school work, that often seems just like busy-work, projects have the capability to help develop some of… read more

5 Tips For Finishing School From Home

“5 Tips For Finishing School From Home”

There is absolutely nothing better than earning your degree and knowing that you are now on your way to having a fulfilling career in the field of your choice. A degree can really open up a lot of great opportunities for you in the workplace. However, getting your degree can sometimes pose challenge… read more


“Student Accommodation Tips: A Survival Guide”

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. You pack your life in suitcases and embark on the journey to the new horizons. However, many students struggle to settle in foreign countries. Securing the right student accommodation alone can be a daunting task. On the brighter note, there are many ot… read more


“How to Find Student Accommodation in the USA”

College students often find themselves in a dilemma when choosing student accommodation. Many of them cannot decide whether to live outside the school and face the big bad world living in a student house or live in the student dorms. While living on campus keeps you close to the school, a life off-c… read more


“4 Tips To Be A More Productive Student”

Slacking off during elementary school or high school is very much different to slacking off at college. The importance of academic success has never been so prominent, as these are the results which are going to help determine your future. With just a little planning, a lot of effort and a few handy… read more


“6 Videos To Help Prepare For University In The UK”

It's September, which means that for a lot of students around the world it is time to travel to the UK to begin or continue their studies at university. Whether you're travelling from near, far or even within the UK, the start of university is a big deal! It's not something to worry about, but it is… read more

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“Alumni Tips for Incoming Freshers”

Alumni of universities often give advice to incoming freshers or freshman, but here’s a taste of what some reported about their experience to i-studentglobal. Advice From Students in the UK "Don't buy the textbooks before you start; the library will have the latest additions."  &nbs… read more


“Top 4 Apps For International Students in the UK”

Apps are a great way for international students to make travel plans, make new friends and explore new territories. Here at i-studentglobal, we have reviewed apps that we think all international students in the UK will benefit from. Those apps are HostelWorld, Skyscanner, MeetUp and Pokemon GO.… read more

Transfer Student Checklist

“Transfer Student Checklist”

Transferring college has recently become something that is much more common in the US, with the NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) stating in 2010 that approximately 1 in 3 students studying at a four-year or two-year college will probably transfer at some point. (Referenc… read more


“Choose Your Path: 5 Tips For Finding Your Niche In College”

Many students embark on a collegiate journey without fully knowing what career they want to pursue. Luckily schools are primed for this, offering a foundation year or a collection of core courses to give students the opportunity to nestle into their new educational environment. If you are wary of se… read more

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“Over-parenting and Anxiety: How to Empower Students”

The information from this article was distributed in the handout of the ‘Over-parenting and Anxiety: How can we empower students and educate parents’ talk at IACAC 2016 (International Association for College Admission Counseling). The featured contributors of this article are Aleka Bilan (J… read more

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“3 Transportation Solutions for Your College Student”

Class schedule? Check. Required textbooks? Check. Off-campus apartment lease? Check. Transportation to and from school? Preparing for college can be an extremely stressful event with a seemingly never-ending checklist of things to do. One item on that list that cannot wait is reliable transportation… read more


“Competitive Careers for College Students”

Deciding on one's career before heading to college is no easy task. There are all kinds of things to consider, from passions and interests to job stability and earning potential. These four competitive career options will help guide students in the right direction as they pursue higher education. … read more

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“What Not To Bring When You Study Abroad”

One of the hardest parts about the decision to study abroad is what needs to be brought to your new home. There are endless lists online of what every nifty traveller should pack, but it is difficult to find a guide that is location-specific. Here is what we think you should NOT bring on your study … read more


“Finding and Coping with Your New Student House”

Getting set up in England can be difficult as it is, so here is what to expect in different aspects of getting settled in the United Kingdom.  1. Finding Your New Place This should be done before your arrival to the UK, but it can still be accomplished in a short amount of time when in the … read more


“Courses You've Never Heard Of”

Deciding on what to study at university can be a daunting task. Luckily, there’s some odd degrees that could lead you to an interesting career path.  1. Viticulture and Oenology – Plumpton College This degree entails you to learn how to make and produce your own wine and possibly distil… read more

5 Ways to Get The Most out of Your College Years

“5 Ways to Get The Most out of Your College Years”

A good college provides their students with much more than just a degree in their chosen field. The best colleges provide learning opportunities that help students develop the skills necessary to live a healthy, balanced, culturally rich life. That's why schools like UC Clermont College offer activi… read more


“Six New Gadgets that can Make Freshman Year a Breeze”

If you or your child is going away to college, you might have some anxiety about what to purchase and pack for freshman year. There's so much technology on the market today, but it's hard to determine which items will actually prove useful for college students. These six gadgets are highly rated, lo… read more

Preparing for Study Abroad: 5 Things You Need to Know

“Preparing for Study Abroad: 5 Things You Need to Know”

You have applied for a study abroad, have been accepted and now you cannot wait for your adventure to start. Job well done! However, don’t let the euphoria take over control, start preparing the documentation and yourself on time, so you would be at peace while waiting for your flight. Do Your Re… read more

Pros to Online School and How to Make Studying at Home Simple

“Pros to Online School and How to Make Studying at Home Simple”

More and more people today are choosing to attend schools online instead of in a classroom. Online classes offer many advantages over the traditional classroom, especially for adult students, students with full-time jobs, and introverted or disabled students. Almost any degree can be earned online, … read more


“Top 4 Degrees for Working in Public Institutions”

People interested in working in public sector jobs are usually drawn to these jobs for a number of reasons. They not only like the idea that their work will benefit the common good in some way, but they also like the stability that such jobs bring. Public sector jobs include positions in the fire de… read more

The Importance of Reading Other College Application Essays

“The Importance of Reading Other College Application Essays”

A common issue that college counsellors have to deal with is the dreaded college application essay. Regardless of how hard you have worked at school, what your GPA is and which extra-curricular activities you have partaken in, you will need a strong college application essay to help secure your plac… read more

ACT Writing Tips for Non-native English Speakers

“ACT Writing Tips for Non-native English Speakers”

The ACT writing section is no easy feat, even for native speakers. The good news is that the grammar and logic involved is rule-based--with one slight exception (I’ll get to this later). So as long as you improve at English grammar you’ll likely have an easier time. But English grammar - as you … read more

Studying at University with Anxiety

“Studying at University with Anxiety”

Trigger warning: anxiety and mental health issues mentioned. Mental health problems such as anxiety are a serious and common issue, but what is it really like studying with such intense emotions?  It is no secret that higher education challenges you in new ways that school and college lacked.… read more

How To Get The Most Out Of High School - Kara Masterson

“How To Get The Most Out Of High School - Kara Masterson”

4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of High School These days many students have realized that optimizing their education is a good way to facilitate personal and professional success. With this idea in mind, it is important for students to access and implement strategies that will help them get the mo… read more

A Week In The Life of an MA Student - Ally Vitale

“A Week In The Life of an MA Student - Ally Vitale”

A Week of Studying Abroad Are you interested in studying a Master’s abroad? Curious about what a week in the life of a graduate student is like? I’ve whipped up the highlights of my week for you to get an idea. I hope you enjoy it! Sunday Today I went to the library straight after breakfast.… read more

Reflections on Studying Abroad - Karin Brauner

“Reflections on Studying Abroad - Karin Brauner”

First Experiences of Studying Abroad in the USA Experiencing student life from different cultures has been really gratifying and eye-opening for me. My first experience of “studying abroad” was an unofficial exchange programme to Morgantown, Kentucky. My dad knew a lady that did voluntary medic… read more