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“My study abroad story”

In this post, I would like to talk about my personal experience from going abroad as well as some of its pros and cons. One day I woke up and decided to go to study abroad. I got accepted at Glasgow University and became the president of the USA and lived happily ever after. The End. Well, her… read more

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“Hello from Shairil”

Hiya to the happiest World! I am Shairil Bhardwaj from Delhi, India and I am studying abroad at University of Pecs, in Hungary, pursuing my Master Degree. I never knew that dreams do come true but indeed they do. After finishing my high school, I wanted so much to travel abroad but at the same… read more


“Best universities in the world ranked by subjects 2018”

See the latest QS University Rankings published in 2018 to help you decide which university you'll want to apply to next in 2019. Institutions judged on various factors such as research impact, academic and employer reputation. Best worldwide universities to study Sports Science Loughborough Uni… read more


“How High School Students can Volunteer Abroad”

High school is a time to explore and discover yourself. Most teens would travel and look for ways to fulfill their curiosity. Volunteering abroad is a great way to do that. While helping others, students can also explore the country’s culture and meet new people. Most high school students would… read more

7 Time Management Tips for Students

“7 Time Management Tips for Students”

Effective time management is about having the right balance between your homework, and university life. Organizing your days will take off the stress and make sure you’re productive. Most people neglect to take some time to plan your priorities. This will help you stay on track and be organized d… read more


“Where to next: top 5 student-friendly cities in the world”

You’ve chosen the degree you want to pursue. You have a pretty good idea of what job title you want to nail after graduation. You have already purchased a strong 50-pound luggage to transport your belongings to your new home country. All that’s left now is to pick the city you want to study next… read more


“500+ Free Audiobooks For Teachers and Students”

Are you fond of reading books but just can’t make time to actually sit down and read one because of your hectic schedule? Listening to audiobooks can definitely change your life. Finishing a book is made easier by listening to audiobooks while driving your way to work… read more


“Myths and Realities of the First Uni Year”

Enrolling into university is an exciting period for every teenager. It’s an opportunity to discover your passions, become an independent individual and meet new and interesting people. However, a great number of freshmen become stunned as soon as their first year begins. They’ve been misguide… read more


“Transitioning from homeschool to college: what to expect”

No matter your high school experience, there is no getting around the fact that college is a different ball game. The truth is that every high schooler faces a significant transition when they move on to college. Most homeschools provide the same education as k-12 schools, but there are other ele… read more


“How To Be A Better Learner: Checklist”

International students already face challenges in the form of homesickness and culture shock. So, it can be difficult for them to develop the study habits they need to succeed in college. Becoming a better learner means adopting good habits, such as keeping to a schedule for studying each day. Th… read more


“3 Reasons to Spend a Gap Year Studying Abroad”

Quite a lot of students think about taking a year off, but not everybody knows what to do with that absolute freedom for a year. When it comes to wrapping up your high school experience, a gap year might be a great thing to do. It has even become somewhat of a standard in various countries around th… read more

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“5 Things You Should Know About Your IELTS Results”

ELTS prep is ultimately all about exam results; getting that qualifying score is always the end goal. So, let’s look at five very important things you should know about your IELTS results. 1. With IELTS Listening and IELTS Reading, What You See is What You Get When you practise IELTS Listening… read more


“Renting: a few things to remember”

Moving city, moving country or moving to new accommodation - it’s all exciting, but first there are a few things you have to do to avoid disappointment in the long run. Once you’ve decided which country you want to study in, you have to make yourself familiar with the rules/legal requirements c… read more

Top 6 university ads to watch

“Top 6 university ads to watch”

Of course, you wouldn’t choose your university based on what ads they put live. However, the way a university or college promotes itself says a lot about their personality and lifestyle. That’s why we have here for you a selection of the top uni ads of all time. Just to give you a sneak peek on… read more

Prepare for a world-changing career

“Prepare for a world-changing career”

As another school year is set to begin, college students throughout the US are looking into the future. Finding your role in the world's ever-changing landscape is both an exciting and daunting task. While nobody can predict what this year, or the next for that matter, may bring us, choosing the rig… read more

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“Getting the most out of one month of SAT prep”

Can you prep for the SAT in one month? Absolutely. A lot of students do; most will take between one and six months to prepare. If you're aiming for a top score, however, you have a lot to cover in just one month! So hold onto your hats, because here's everything you need to know about your whirlwind… read more


“How to Approach the ACT (part II)”

So we've established in the first part of this article that you have the right mindset. You have the best materials. Now, you need some proven strategies to approach ACT content strategies that actually work to make you more efficient on test day. Because the ACT is standardised, it tests the sam… read more

How to Approach the ACT (part I)

“How to Approach the ACT (part I)”

When you’re starting to prepare for the ACT, it can seem like there are a million “tips and tricks” out there that promise you a perfect score by tomorrow. Too good to be true, right? Right. The ACT is a standardized test, which means that it’s learnable and that you can master it, but there… read more


“How to avoid 3 pervasive health issues”

Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they can’t be stricken with some serious and relatively common health issues. College campuses in particular offer a unique environment for certain health issues to develop. This means educators, students and their parents all need to be knowledgeable … read more

Six security devices every college kid needs

“Six security devices every college kid needs”

College is about education, but it’s also a time for most students to leave home and start transitioning into adult life. This means not only are students worried about finals and homework assignments, they must also concern themselves with personal safety, daily housework and chores, as well as f… read more

Academic letters of recommendation: nail them

“Academic letters of recommendation: nail them”

When you’ve already planned your next 3-4 years of study, you want to make sure that things work out as you wanted. Sure, you can’t foretell the future, but it’s good to know that your dreams are being heard. Although some worldwide universities don’t include an academic recommendation in t… read more


“Home-cleaning essentials for first time living alone”

Leaving the nest is a big step for youngsters towards responsibility bearing. This step in life comes with its own challenges. It is, however, important to note that if you want to enjoy living in your new home, you have to keep it clean. This will make your place comfortable and attractive. Clea… read more


“How not to end up eating dry pasta 7 times a week”

Being student is not as easy as everybody thinks. We have our needs as well as an overwhelming desire to enjoy, explore and live to the fullest. However, such desires come at a price - a price not all of us can pay. So, below is a list of the ultimate money-saving hacks to help you make the most of … read more

Top 5 companies with great internship opportunities

“Top 5 companies with great internship opportunities”

Regardless of how hard you study, nothing can prepare you for the realities of the professional world like a job can. Before going point-blank into a 9 to 5 profession, it’s wise to test the waters first. And the best way to do that is by applying for an internship. Some of the biggest corpor… read more


“Your higher education glossary”

Of course, you know what a bachelor’s degree means or what school counsellors are supposed to help you with. But just in case you are not pretty sure what’s the difference between a college and a university, or what a GPA entails, this article aims to elucidate that for it. Higher education g… read more


“How to cope with the pressures of studying”

There is another side to all the fun and excitement of student life, a side most people don't like to talk about. It’s called depression. There are many different reasons why people experience depression, and it is yet unknown how many people suffer from it. Fact is: too many. The exact figur… read more


“How to fill a dorm vacancy without sounding desperate”

Living with a college roommate can be both a fun and challenging experience. You're getting accustomed to life on campus and sharing your living space. You’ll probably also be getting used to living on your own and doing things for yourself. Open communication is the best way to start off a relati… read more

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“5 Degrees that will give you the best job security”

Layoffs and budget cuts are all too common today. When you're looking at career options before applying for college, finding one with job security should be at the top of your list. You'll also find higher wages as companies compete for talented candidates to meet their needs. Depending on your pers… read more

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“5 things you need to know when moving to college”

Packing and moving to college is always stressful, especially if you’re moving to another country. If you don’t know where to start with your preparation, here’s a little guide that will make things much easier. Have a look and take notes. Apply for a passport and visa To travel and study … read more

Jump-start your education with an Associate Degree

“Jump-start your education with an Associate Degree”

Reaching for higher education is a big decision since it can take a few years to meet your goals, and you will have to make a considerable investment. It's OK if you are struggling to make a decision, but that does not mean you should sit idle for long. You can start by getting your associ… read more


“Moving on a limited budget?”

Unless you have decided to let go of all your possessions and to start over somewhere else with your new ascetic life, moving can easily turn into an agonising process that will drain your energy and wallet. On the other hand, if you plan to continue your existence as a creature of this millennium,… read more


“Save the date: national holidays 2018”

Uni life shouldn’t be shaped only after exams and semester dates, but after those national holidays that we all cherish so much. No matter where you plan to study, save these dates on your calendar and start making plans for 2018. National holidays USA In America, you usually have 10 annual fe… read more


“TOEFL & IELTS score requirements around the world”

Ready to get the show on the road? To encounter new cultures, experience brand-new feelings, taste foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce yet? Let’s get you ready then. If your course will be in English, it is very likely that you’ll need to pull off a good TOEFL or IELTS score, depending … read more


“The best study-life balance”

Attending college classes online gives you a lot of flexibility. You get to set your schedule, go to school on-the-move, and complete assignments on your own. However, it can also be difficult to balance education with your life and other responsibilities. Luckily, there are a number of things you c… read more

How to Begin Networking While in College

“How to Begin Networking While in College”

Networking can be an intimidating word, but it doesn't have to be. Networking is just about connecting, which is something we do daily, sometimes without even realising it. As a college student, it's crucial you begin networking as early as possible because your network could eventually be responsib… read more

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“Student Spectacular: How to Succeed in Studying”

Whether you are attending a community college, a 4-year university, or pursuing your degree online, you want to make the most of your education. You are only studying for a few years, and then it’s time to take what you have learned and head into the workforce. What you accomplish in this short ti… read more

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“5 amazing career opportunities for international students”

International students looking for jobs after graduation face even more challenges than their native peers, with visa requirements and language barrier issues to consider. That doesn't mean that finding a solid and rewarding career is impossible, especially in fields international students are parti… read more


“Good skills up your sleeve?”

Many people believe that today's workplace is a solitary, sombre venue where employees interact primarily with electronic devices. However, opportunities still exist for those who'd rather work mostly with people than with things. Those seeking career options applicable to their outgoing, sociable n… read more

The environmental impact of international students, PART I

“The environmental impact of international students, PART I”

With more than 25 years of experience in economic development, cross-cultural communications, international education and social innovation spanning 60 countries, Ailsa Lamont has kindly agreed to sit down with our team at istudentglobal and tell us more about the environmental impact… read more


“Adventurous student? Alternative career options for you”

If you like to wander off the beaten path, you may be looking for a career that is more adventurous than a lifetime of sitting in office cubicles. New advancements in technology, science, education, and the environment are making it possible to pursue a career that can take you to exotic locales or … read more

Studying overseas: dream or nightmare?

“Studying overseas: dream or nightmare?”

Before heading to the airport, make sure that you know what you're getting yourself into. Studying overseas is a life-changing moment not just for you, but for your parents as well. Wolfgang Wolf has his own views on studying overseas. And you'd better listen to his advice. He knows a thing or … read more

5 Reasons to get a Master's Degree

“5 Reasons to get a Master's Degree”

Earning your bachelor’s degree is quite an achievement. Perhaps now you want to take your studies even further. Or you’ve spent a few years in the workforce and want to advance in your company. Maybe you just want to increase your paycheck. All these are obvious reasons for returning to school f… read more

Top 5 majors perfect for a job in foreign markets

“Top 5 majors perfect for a job in foreign markets”

Students who hope to work overseas after graduation should begin preparing early. The selection of a college major is one of the first steps for international job seekers because background and education are at the top of the list for most employers. While every college has a different menu of cour… read more


“Tricks for living off campus as a freshman”

When you start going to college, where you live can mean the difference between a good start of your future career and a disappointing few semesters. As a freshman, living off campus may involve renting your first apartment, and that’s a daunting task for any new student. There are a few tricks to… read more


“4 unique college programs you should consider”

If you are getting ready to enter college, this is certainly an exciting time in your life. There will be many choices to make, so you will want to take time and consider all of your options. Enjoy the moment, but also have an eye towards the future and what you want to do when you graduate. With th… read more

Romp to victory: student competitions for you

“Romp to victory: student competitions for you”

Student life has its perks, sure. And, while we won’t be wasting your time listing thousands of uni advantages, we will, however, give you something to think about: tempting student competitions. Bring the house down by entering these matchless contests: The CineSpace Short Film Competition by N… read more


“Worldwide academic calendars”

Sure, there’s nothing more important than deciding which type of degree you want to get your hands on, which university you wish to hang about, and which country you want as your next cultural residence. Once you’ve established these points, the only thing left to do is to check in at the airpor… read more


“Wake me up before you go, go”

Up until recently, countries and regions pointed out the importance of opening their door to foreign students, but they’ve seldom acted on exploring international study opportunities for their own citizens. Now, with the world’s economies getting more tied to each other, that’s about to change… read more


“And the Oscar goes to... Montreal”

OK. It looks like you have made up your mind already. You will, after all, travel overseas to continue your studies. You kind of know which field you want to tackle, and everybody is rooting for you. But there’s one little thing you still need to tick off your list. Which city should you go to? S… read more


“Millennials, what’s driving you to study abroad?”

Despite what its name suggests, study abroad is not just an opportunity to improve the mind and specialise yourself in a certain field. Studying abroad is, over and above, the chance to assimilate new self-lives and take in new cultural experiences. In 2016, AFS Intercultural Programs, an internati… read more

Student in Ireland, for St. Patrick's Day?

“Student in Ireland, for St. Patrick's Day?”

There might be times when, in Ireland, you’ll find yourself slightly bored, scrolling up and down your phone, swiping left and right, watching videos with cats meowing on rhythms of rap. But not on St. Patrick’s day, no. On this 2017 St. Patrick’s Day, you have no reason not to hit the road a… read more


“Best student-abroad programs to try during college”

Study abroad programs were once considered a luxury for many college students. Today, they a staple in creating a rich and diverse college experience. Although it is recommended to study abroad for any student interested in getting a master’s degree in international relations, diplomacy, or foreig… read more

Europe: cultural differences you might bump into

“Europe: cultural differences you might bump into”

People around the world have different cultures that make them unique. When travelling to a far-off country, it is wise to acquaint oneself with its people’s way of life to avoid unpleasant surprises. This helps the visitor to adjust their expectations and know how to react when presente… read more


“Handwriting or typing?”

In today’s continuous digital boom, it’s hard to imagine a situation when students choose to turn a blind eye to computers. However unbelievable this may seem, research shows that university students tend to memorise information easier if they take their own notes... using just pen and paper. A… read more


“Freebies to watch for on campus”

When you're an international student, finding freebies wherever you can is essential. Knowing where you can save money will prove to be a great boon to your independent life. So, check out the list below for some things you may not have known are free for university students! Gym Colleges hav… read more