Standardised Admission Tests



The SAT reasoning test is accepted by nearly every university and college in the USA and measures ability in ten sections, covering:

The test is designed to assess your knowledge on subjects that you will need to succeed at college. Nine of the sections are scored on a scale of 200 to 800. In addition, there is one section that is not scored and is used to determine fairness and equality on each test. This question could cover critical reading, mathematics or writing. 

In addition, you can opt to take an SAT Subject Test to demonstrate knowledge in a specific subject area. Some colleges may specify an SAT Subject Test for admission onto a course. 

The SAT Subject Test covers five key subject areas:

  • English – literature
  • History – US history, world history
  • Language – Chinese with listening, French, French with listening, German, German with listening, Spanish, Spanish with listening, modern Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Japanese with listening, Korean with listening
  • Maths – mathematics level 1, mathematics level 2
  • Science – biology, chemistry, physics

In order to search for test centres and test dates and to receive your SAT admission ticket, you will need to register for the SAT. 

Registration can be completed either:

  • Online (except if you are testing in Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Togo or are taking the Sunday test for the first time)
  • Or using mail registration 

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