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After reading a post in an online forum for college counsellors asking if there were any resources out there for helping their students with their college admission applications, we thought that it was about time that we wrote a brief overview of some of the articles which we have available on the topic. I hope that this list proves to be useful. If you find anything else on other sites that you think may be of use, please let us know.


10 Tips For Writing A Successful College Application Essay

Written by Sharon Epstein, a college consultant who runs First Impressions College Consulting and also writes blogs for, a great resource for finding out more about preparing college applications. 

6 College Application Tips For International Students

Written by Alison Blankenship, a marketeer from TextBookRush, an online book shop for buying and selling educational textbooks, this article is a simple guide providing some useful tips for students applying to college.

7 Tips For A Great "Why This School" Essay

Also written by Sharon Epstein, this article is one of the most popular on our site, with over 250,000 views to date.


Writing College Admissions Essays - An International Student's Guide

12 quick-fire tips for international students writing their admissions essays including tips to make your essay engaging and advice on bridging the cultural divide.

How To Get The Most From Your College Counsellor

An article by Dr Martin Harris, College Counsellor at Malvern College in the UK, about how to ensure that students are getting the best out of their college counsellors.

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