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Agents of Change? International Student Recruitment and Relationship Building

“Agents of Change? International Student Recruitment and Relationship Building”

Across most of the globe, education agents have become an accepted part of the university admissions process. After years of treating them with scepticism, even the US market is slowly coming around. Domestic college enrollment in the US is in decline, and agents represent an obvious solution: inter… read more

“Why Personal Statements Get Rejected”

Anybody applying to study at a college or university in the United Kingdom should know that a large amount of the application will be dependent on the personal statement. The styles of writing for personal statements for students wishing to apply to the UK and the USA are vastly different so be sure… read more

Getting The Most From Your College Counsellor

“Getting The Most From Your College Counsellor”

As you begin to plan for college in high school, your college counsellor can be one of your greatest resources. Your counsellor has valuable information on the application process, has access to important contacts at many institutions, and has the skills to assist you in exploring career and college… read more

“College Admissions Resources - For Counsellors & Students”

After reading a post in an online forum for college counsellors asking if there were any resources out there for helping their students with their college admission applications, we thought that it was about time that we wrote a brief overview of some of the articles which we have available on the t… read more

“How to get the most from your College Counsellor”

i-studentglobal spoke to Dr Martin Harris, who amongst his many duties is the College Counsellor at Malvern College in the UK. We asked him how students can make the most of their educational counselling sessions and how to get the best out of the counsellor. Here's what he had to say on the matter.… read more