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We believe that as soon as you decide to leave your hometown to become an international student, you become an international thinker as well. A globetrotter looking to learn… And it’s not just about learning new courses and modules, but about learning how to build a home away from home, how to uncover your passions and where to go next. The place you’ll choose to study in won’t be just a postal code, but a world in itself. And we’re here to help you cherry-pick your world.

Whether you’re thinking of applying for an international study programme, hunting for great funding opportunities or scholarships, or even if you are just testing the waters, stay put. At i-studentglobal, you’ll lay your hands on features written by experts from multiple fields, academicians and professionals ready to help you in showing the right path towards your passion, wherever that may be.

We have suggestions, advice, info on visas, accommodation, application processes, cost calculators, English learning tips and whatnot for study regions such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA. Also, our central hub of international students is brimming with first-hand stories from people who have already opened that door.

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