5 Reasons to Study in the UK


The UK is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Its academic reputation speaks for itself: three of the country’s universities (The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge, and Imperial College, London) made the top ten of Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings. Its culture and heritage are also well-documented – from the Roman Baths to Warwick Castle, Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace.  

That said, other countries have great universities, and other countries are steeped in culture. Why have over 430,000 international students chosen to enrol at a UK institution? There’s more to it than just excellent academic standards.

If you’re weighing up the opportunity to study here against the US, Australia, or Germany, you might want to factor these five reasons to pursue higher education and study in the UK

Academic variety

There’s a huge variety of degree courses available in the UK. STEM subjects are traditionally very popular, particularly with East Asian students, however the UK’s rich cultural heritage also makes it a great place to study creative arts, from animation to fashion. If you want to study law, literature or medicine you can, but there are also a few more left-field options available: if you want to enrol on UCL’s Viking Studies course, go for it. If you want to study Baking Technology Management, it’s also open to you.

Just because your path isn’t well-travelled doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking. Whatever your passion, the UK’s inclusive education system will most likely allow you to pursue it.

Study in the UK Bellerbys-Oxford-students

Superior support

If you’re an EU national, financial support from the UK government may be available to you – but even if you’re not, most universities offer generous bursaries and scholarships for qualifying international students. These vary from institution to institution but can include a tuition waiver, support for living costs, and more.

Beyond finance, the quality of the facilities and services at the UK’s educational institutions is significantly above par. Gyms, often accessible for free or with a considerable student discount, are standard, as are high-quality sports facilities. If you’re looking for a luxurious studio flat or just somewhere to lay your head, a wide range of student accommodation is usually available – often on campus or within minutes of the university. Career support offices provide students with guidance for their post-university futures.

The growth of pathway programmes in the UK also means that there are many options for students to enrol in a pathway to help them gain the necessary qualifications and English language level to progress to university. These programmes, taken either at an international college or an on-campus study centre, also help students adapt to the UK culture and education system.