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Clinical and Counselling Psychology in the UK

“Clinical and Counselling Psychology in the UK”

Dr Fay Short started out her studies in Psychology as a BSc student at the University of Bangor. After completing a Masters and a PhD, she now lectures at the university whilst researching body representation, teaching and learning, and counselling in high schools. Fay gives us an insight into … read more

Choose Your Path: 5 Tips For Finding Your Niche In College

“Choose Your Path: 5 Tips For Finding Your Niche In College”

Many students embark on a collegiate journey without fully knowing what career they want to pursue. Luckily schools are primed for this, offering a foundation year or a collection of core courses to give students the opportunity to nestle into their new educational environment. If you are wary of se… read more


“Skyscanner App: Time to Fly”

Skyscanner is a global travel booking company that exceeds expectations when making travel reservations. The award-winning app is available on the iOS, Android, and Amazon store. The site comes recommended by outlets such as The Guardian, BBC Radio 1, and Travel. The app automatically pairs flights,… read more


“Understanding Canadian Education”

Canada is a country comprised of stunning nature, a multi-ethnic culture, and world-renowned education. Although it has many great facets, the education system can be considered confusing to those who are international or studying out-of-province. We're going to take a look at the Canadian higher ed… read more

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“Why Study in Canada?”

Canada is considered one of the best places to study due to its renowned education system, nature, and culture. The North American country has many elements to offer international students who consider making it another home. WHY CANADA? There are endless reasons to study in Canada. Firstly, the… read more


“TV Shows That Encourage A Different Field of Study”

There's a current trend of terrific science shows on channels such as Netflix, HBO, and many others. These other TV programs and documentaries show a vast number of interest in different studies such as criminology, psychology, and social work. What will you decide to study? 1. Grey’s Anatomy … read more


“9 Great Science Movies and TV Shows”

Science fiction and scientific shows have become mainstream on channels such as BBC, Netflix, and AMC. We've listed i-studentglobal's favourite science TV shows and films, just to satisfy the science nerd that lives in us all. What will you watch first? 1. Stranger Things (2016 - Present)&n… read more

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“Over-parenting and Anxiety: How to Empower Students”

The information from this article was distributed in the handout of the ‘Over-parenting and Anxiety: How can we empower students and educate parents’ talk at IACAC 2016 (International Association for College Admission Counseling). The featured contributors of this article are Aleka Bilan (J… read more

Oxford or Cambridge University - Canal

“How To Prepare For Cambridge and Oxford Applications”

The information from this article was distributed in the handout of the ‘How to prepare students for successful applications to Oxford or Cambridge’ talk at IACAC 2016 (International Association for College Admission Counseling). The featured contributors of this article are Francis McIvor (Brit… read more


“Globalisation Lessons Learned During My Masters”

When I did my MSc International Management at the University of Sussex I was very proud. I was selected as one of the 33 people from 19 countries who could attend the course at SPRU which is ranked second in the world only to Harvard University in innovation studies. Globalisation Is the Greatest A… read more


“Hostelworld: Every Student's Great Night Sleep”

Hostelworld has become the prominent hostel booking platform used globally along with Hostelbookers and acting as part of the same company plc. The customers of this platform are eager travellers and students under the age of 35, boosting the potential of the tourism industry to branch o… read more


“Interview with Luis von Ahn from Duolingo”

Here at i-studentglobal, we have recently developed a liking for the Duolingo app by Luis von Ahn. We were fortunate enough to speak to the creator of the app about the start of Duolingo and what it means for those who wish to actively learn another language.  Luis von Ahn, CEO and co-f… read more

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“3 Transportation Solutions for Your College Student”

Class schedule? Check. Required textbooks? Check. Off-campus apartment lease? Check. Transportation to and from school? Preparing for college can be an extremely stressful event with a seemingly never-ending checklist of things to do. One item on that list that cannot wait is reliable transportation… read more


“Competitive Careers for College Students”

Deciding on one's career before heading to college is no easy task. There are all kinds of things to consider, from passions and interests to job stability and earning potential. These four competitive career options will help guide students in the right direction as they pursue higher education. … read more

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“The International Student's Guide to Pokémon GO”

Niantic’s Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm using animated characters dispersed in virtual reality to attract players to exercise and essentially ‘catch them all’. This franchise has enticed many generations of players, including people in their 20s who have grown up with the game… read more


“UK Bucket List (Student Checklist)”

Arriving in the United Kingdom can be life-changing as there are so many new experiences ahead of any student on their study abroad. Here’s our UK bucket list for what to do after you’ve just landed with all of your baggage after flying for an endless number of hours. What will you decide to do … read more

An Interview With a Nursing Student - Amelia Puncher

“An Interview With a Nursing Student - Amelia Puncher”

We spoke to UK-based nursing student Amelia Puncher about her time spent at university and how her nursing degree has benefitted her upon graduating. Have you always wanted to pursue a career in nursing? I found that in college I had an interest in the medical profession, and I found nursing su… read more

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“What Not To Bring When You Study Abroad”

One of the hardest parts about the decision to study abroad is what needs to be brought to your new home. There are endless lists online of what every nifty traveller should pack, but it is difficult to find a guide that is location-specific. Here is what we think you should NOT bring on your study … read more