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Study in the UK - What if Five A*s are no Longer Enough?
“Study in the UK - What if Five A*s are no Longer Enough?”

Bhavini Pathak, enrichment manager at Bellerbys College London, explains what universities are really looking for in your application and what her college is doing about it. If you want to go to a top university you have to achieve brilliant results, this is still as true as it has always been. How… read more

How Social Media can Help you Choose a University
“How Social Media can Help you Choose a University”

Top Universities recently published a new Students Online: Global Trends report, which explores how prospective students around the world use online resources when researching universities and courses. (The full report is free to download; you are just asked to register as a member of the TopUnivers… read more

Studying Business & Management Courses in the UK
“Studying Business & Management Courses in the UK”

When searching for and deciding what to study at university, at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, there are certain practical questions you may want to ask yourself, including: where will this course lead me and what skills will I acquire? “… where will this course lead me …?” It … read more

5 Career Paths for Budding International Photographers
“5 Career Paths for Budding International Photographers”

Photography is often seen as a hobby rather than a worthwhile career path. Yet there are a number of worthwhile career paths to explore, each of which involves its own distinct training. Commercial, travel, and scientific photography are each separate industries with their own needs. International s… read more

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Graduation is my Favourite Time of the Year
Victoria McEniery - “Graduation is my Favourite Time of the Year”

One of the things that make the University of Otago so special is that it really is the heart of Dunedin. In turn the vitality and life that students bring are embraced and celebrated by the city. My favourite example of this is when the city embraces the University of Otago’s graduation ceremonie… read more

My Busy Life at Otago
Varisa Aschakulporn - “My Busy Life at Otago”

Hi Everyone! I've just discovered the Otago International Ambassador volunteering position and enquired about it today. I happened to meet the lovely Victoria the co-ordinator and international marketing staff who kindly showed me how I can get involved. Thank you for including me! :) I first came… read more

A Lovely Relaxed Weekend
Juliane Lykke Jensen - “A Lovely Relaxed Weekend”

How to shop and make rye bread in New Zealand If you don’t need to go out, drinking and partying all night on a Friday you could just watch a documentary with your boyfriend, have a nice serious talk about an important topic and go to sleep at a proper time. Because then you will be able to wake … read more