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Studying in Australia: What is the timeline?
“Studying in Australia: What is the timeline?”

Every year, thousands of international students flock to one of Australia’s 39. According to the latest available figures, only the USA and Britain attract more students than Oz.  If you’re wondering how to get in on this action, you’re in the right place to find out. Below is a&nbs… read more

Why study business?
“Why study business?”

Studying business will put you head and shoulders above the rest and equip you with the skills necessary to excel in a professional business career.  Do you need a professional qualification in business? Yes, qualifications matter. In our increasingly competitive world you have to stand out f… read more

An interview with a medical student
“An interview with a medical student”

Thomas Hughes has lived in Catalonia in Spain since he was 10. Having progressed through the Catalan education system he is now studying to be a doctor at the University of Girona. Tell us about the course that you are following in Girona. I started the course in 2013, the course is six years long… read more

Studying philosophy in the UK
“Studying philosophy in the UK”

What is philosophy? Philosophy means ‘love of wisdom’, and philosophy as an academic subject involves the systematic study of deep and important questions about ourselves and our world. Studying philosophy will not, of course, guarantee that you become wise. But studying the subject is just abo… read more

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Exploring my new home
Emily Ford - “Exploring my new home”

Three days after arriving, I strategically strapped up my backpack, and said goodbye to my empty flat. Many are drawn to New Zealand to witness the unbelievable scenery from cinematic Middle Earth. I, too, was seeking the outdoor adventures offered by this environmentally diverse country. Like many … read more

My Journey to New Zealand
Jessie Smith - “My Journey to New Zealand”

14,220 kilometers from home In February I was just an exchange student arriving to New Zealand after a long-haul flight from Toronto, Canada. I didn’t know much of what to expect. I flew into Queenstown and visited the city of Wanaka first. The beauty of Wanaka was hypnotising: its clear blue l… read more

If you want to find a career you love, start doing something crazy
Xia Wu (Shell) - “If you want to find a career you love, start doing something crazy”

When I reflect on my years post graduation from college, I always regret not pushing myself harder to break out of my comfort zone. From a career perspective, I had it easy for a long time.  I picked something that looked good on paper and was right on my turf, a profession called "actuarial c… read more