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Steps to plan for study abroad scholarships
“Steps to plan for study abroad scholarships”

  A scholarship is an excellent way to finance your education, specifically as this is the amount that you do not need to pay back, unlike a student loan! Many students and their parents feel that winning a scholarship is a difficult thing to do. The following post is a guide to help you find … read more

The Fulbright Commission Scholarship Programme
“The Fulbright Commission Scholarship Programme”

“Of all the joint ventures in which we might engage, the most productive, in my view, is educational exchange."  Senator J William Fulbright “Senator J William Fulbright” If you have considered “engaging” in international education exchange yourself, you are in good company. Over … read more

Broadband Advice Guide
“Broadband Advice Guide”

Internet access has become one of the most important resources for any international student. But with so many variables to consider, from contract lengths to download speeds, setting up home broadband can seem like a daunting task. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Here are all the imp… read more

Mobile Phone Advice Guide for Studying in the UK
“Mobile Phone Advice Guide for Studying in the UK”

For international students studying in the UK, mobile phones represent one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with those back home. They’re also invaluable when studying, letting you browse the web while out and about and easily contact friends and study partners. Before you start making interna… read more

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Summer School ...
Courtney Windju - “Summer School ...”

  The first semester of my junior year of college has officially started. I have to say it feels a bit strange to be going to classes in July, but so far I have adapted surprisingly well. I am taking four courses here at the University of Otago: psychology, religion, English and music.  … read more

Otago's Warm Welcome!
Victoria McEniery - “Otago's Warm Welcome!”

The University of Otago’s International Division welcomed over 400 new students for the Semester 2 (July) intake. After many months (even years) of correspondence between students and their providers, it was so exciting to see new students (and returning students) arrive on campus. “ wa… read more

More details provided below!
Courtney Windju - “More details provided below!”

This is truly my first chance to sit down and share my adventures with all of you - so my sincere apologies for the delay! I am currently wearing two layers and sipping on peppermint tea with a pink nose while writing this post - with freshly made granola baking in the oven. All I have to say is liv… read more