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An Interview with an Education Development Officer in a Rainforest

“An Interview with an Education Development Officer in a Rainforest”

An Interview with Kirsty Shakespeare, Education Development Officer at The Living Rainforest I recently had the opportunity to visit The Living Rainforest which is part of the Trust for Sustainable Living.  It is a haven for plants and animals that wouldn't normally be seen in the English coun… read more

Does Watching Movies Help with the TOEFL?

“Does Watching Movies Help with the TOEFL?”

Among advanced English students, one of the most popular ways to practise English listening is to watch movies or TV shows in English (usually with subtitles). If you do that, then great—keep watching! After all, movies and TV shows usually have natural, native English, or at least close to natura… read more

How to Prepare for a Student Visa Interview

“How to Prepare for a Student Visa Interview”

Not all countries include an interview as part of the student visa application process, but if your destination calls you in for an interview there’s no need to panic. This is a routine part of the application process in countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. … read more

The Psychology of Studying Survey

“The Psychology of Studying Survey”

As the exam period draws closer, it becomes more and more important that you are getting the most out of your revision time. Using your time efficiently can significantly increase your productivity and have a positive impact on your overall exam results. Everyone has their own tips and tricks for e… read more