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10 Great Quotes about Learning
“10 Great Quotes about Learning”

 It might seem that your life at University or College is nothing but study but take a look at what the great and the good have said about it! Learning doesn’t always have to come from a book. “I don't love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.” Natalie Port… read more

10 Good Vocab Habits for Passing IELTS
“10 Good Vocab Habits for Passing IELTS”

The amount of vocabulary you need to take the IELTS can seem like an impossible mountain to climb but if you follow these guidelines you’ll prepare yourself well and get the grades you need. “Become a Word Collector” Become a Word Collector All good English teachers will insist that you s… read more

How to Kick Start your Music Career at Uni
“How to Kick Start your Music Career at Uni”

Always loved music or singing as a hobby but want to take your talent to the next level? Well, being at university, where you’re constantly meeting new people, having new life experiences and growing as a person, makes it the ideal time to think about kick starting your career in the music industr… read more

A Guide to Packing for University
“A Guide to Packing for University”

Moving to university is quite a daunting prospect for most students, because for many it is the first time they will have lived away from home. Relocating to a new city and meeting new people can seem quite scary, but there are things you can do to ensure that you are prepared for the big move. … read more

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Change is good - Now it's time to embrace it
Jenny Jeong - “Change is good - Now it's time to embrace it”

It’s been four years since I first came to Canada. Back in my home country of South Korea, I was a shy person who could speak very little English. However, I had always imagined myself going to different countries to explore a new aspect of life in a different environment. It was my curiosity that… read more

Brrr! - Video Blog
Courtney Windju - “Brrr! - Video Blog”

  I am continuously grateful for my travels in and around New Zealand. Right now is "exam period", which has mainly consisted of traveling and minimal exams, although I do have two left! I am not ready to leave New Zealand, although I know I will be back here one day. At least I still have nea… read more

The Land of Screensavers - Video Blog
Courtney Windju - “The Land of Screensavers - Video Blog”

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend traveling 600+ miles around the South Island with my lovely pal, Taylor. It was so fun for me to take her around to all of my favourite places and most of all, experience her reactions to the majestic beauty of New Zealand. She is studying abroad in Sydne… read more