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4 Degrees To Help Shape the US for the Better

“4 Degrees To Help Shape the US for the Better”

There has never been a better time to contribute to American politics. The economic downturn, diversity difficulties and international unrest will never go away. Therefore, the following four degrees will empower students to help shape the U.S. for the better. Bachelors of Science in Political Scie… read more

“TOEFL Practice Paper”

If you are currently preparing for your TOEFL exam, we've found a great resource for you to have a test run free of charge. The team at MAGOOSH have put together a half-length TOEFL exam which you can take in the comfort of your own home. The full TOEFL iBT usually takes around 4 hours to complete,… read more

6 Benefits of Studying A Master's Degree

“6 Benefits of Studying A Master's Degree”

Master's degrees can give professionals versatility in their careers. More time in school, or investing more money in education, might be difficult for someone who’s looking to expand their career. However, it’s an opportunity that should be considered for a number of potential outcomes. Specia… read more

How a STEM Degree Can Make for an Abundant Future

“How a STEM Degree Can Make for an Abundant Future”

For decades now, job experts have been warning that more people are needed to join industries that relate to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Jobs in these fields are so in demand that many companies are desperate for new college graduates to join their ranks. People looking to emb… read more