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Broadband Advice Guide
“Broadband Advice Guide”

Internet access has become one of the most important resources for any international student. But with so many variables to consider, from contract lengths to download speeds, setting up home broadband can seem like a daunting task. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Here are all the imp… read more

Mobile Phone Advice Guide for Studying in the UK
“Mobile Phone Advice Guide for Studying in the UK”

For international students studying in the UK, mobile phones represent one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with those back home. They’re also invaluable when studying, letting you browse the web while out and about and easily contact friends and study partners. Before you start making interna… read more

50 Essential Online Tools For Every Computer Science Student
“50 Essential Online Tools For Every Computer Science Student”

Computer science students need to acquire skills in multiple areas — arguably more so than many other study disciplines. So not surprisingly, they need a large toolbox, for any of several activities encountered in the typical college program. To that end, here is a reference list of 50 e… read more

Your Student House: Before Clean and After Clean - Part 2
“Your Student House: Before Clean and After Clean - Part 2”

Four weeks to go! 4 weeks BC – The inspection Your house is spick and span and the things that need fixing or extreme cleaning are fixed or hidden. Show the inspector round, be polite and ask questions to try and determine if they are unhappy with anything. They should be able to offer you some … read more

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More details provided below!
Courtney Windju - “More details provided below!”

This is truly my first chance to sit down and share my adventures with all of you - so my sincere apologies for the delay! I am currently wearing two layers and sipping on peppermint tea with a pink nose while writing this post - with freshly made granola baking in the oven. All I have to say is liv… read more

Reflecting on my time in Dunedin
Emily Ford - “Reflecting on my time in Dunedin”

Dunedin is best known for its college town atmosphere. But just beyond the raucousness of Castle St, much more of Dunedin waits to be appreciated… Nestled in the valley of old volcanics, the rounded hills and reaching peninsulas are blanketed with bucolic farmland. Squares of fresh pasture are pa… read more

Study Hard, Work Hard, and Play Hard - Dunedin Style
Priscilia Widjaja - “Study Hard, Work Hard, and Play Hard - Dunedin Style”

Study Hard I was pretty nervous because of the exams. Not only because I have left university for a year, but also because I need to answer all the questions in English. That was my first-time-ever exam in a language different from my mother tongue. The first exam was a 3-hour exam, inside the Otag… read more