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Study in the USA - Choosing your Grad School
“Study in the USA - Choosing your Grad School”

For students, is there anything of more importance than securing a great career at the end of their academic run? This becomes increasingly important (and stressful!) as students get closer and closer to graduation day. How can I stand out with thousands of my peers competing for the same positions … read more

Studying Nursing and Midwifery in Australia
“Studying Nursing and Midwifery in Australia”

Australia has one of the most affordable, accessible and comprehensive healthcare systems in the world with a significant projected growth in the health care workforce. This makes it an attractive country in which to study nursing or midwifery. “Study Nursing or Midwifery.” Courses are offer… read more

Studying in Australia: What is the timeline?
“Studying in Australia: What is the timeline?”

Every year, thousands of international students flock to one of Australia’s 39. According to the latest available figures, only the USA and Britain attract more students than Oz.  If you’re wondering how to get in on this action, you’re in the right place to find out. Below is a&nbs… read more

Why study business?
“Why study business?”

Studying business will put you head and shoulders above the rest and equip you with the skills necessary to excel in a professional business career.  Do you need a professional qualification in business? Yes, qualifications matter. In our increasingly competitive world you have to stand out f… read more

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Holiday Blog!
Madhur Prashant - “Holiday Blog!”

Madhur has been busy exhibiting her art over the holiday.   read more

My Holiday Blog!
Priscilia Widjaja - “My Holiday Blog!”

  Priscilia has sent i-studentglobal a postcard telling us what she is up to over the holiday.       read more

Exploring my new home
Emily Ford - “Exploring my new home”

Three days after arriving, I strategically strapped up my backpack, and said goodbye to my empty flat. Many are drawn to New Zealand to witness the unbelievable scenery from cinematic Middle Earth. I, too, was seeking the outdoor adventures offered by this environmentally diverse country. Like many … read more