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Why Study Psychology in America?

“Why Study Psychology in America?”

Dr Rhett Diessner from Lewis-Clark State College tells i-studentglobal why students should consider studying Psychology in the USA. Why Study Psychology in America? One good reason to consider studying psychology in America is the choices it offers: there are more colleges offering Psychology … read more

ACT Writing Tips for Non-native English Speakers

“ACT Writing Tips for Non-native English Speakers”

The ACT writing section is no easy feat, even for native speakers. The good news is that the grammar and logic involved is rule-based--with one slight exception (I’ll get to this later). So as long as you improve at English grammar you’ll likely have an easier time. But English grammar - as you … read more

Getting The Most From Your College Counsellor

“Getting The Most From Your College Counsellor”

As you begin to plan for college in high school, your college counsellor can be one of your greatest resources. Your counsellor has valuable information on the application process, has access to important contacts at many institutions, and has the skills to assist you in exploring career and college… read more

College Admissions Resources - For Counsellors & Students

“College Admissions Resources - For Counsellors & Students”

After reading a post in an online forum for college counsellors asking if there were any resources out there for helping their students with their college admission applications, we thought that it was about time that we wrote a brief overview of some of the articles which we have available on the t… read more

Molly at her undergraduate graduation in June 2013

“An American in Sussex”

i-studentglobal spoke to international student Molly Berenhaus, an American PhD Psychology student who first came to University of Sussex during her undergraduate studies. She talks to us about why she choose to study in the UK, the difference between studying in the UK and the USA and finding … read more

How To Write A Great CV

“How To Write A Great CV”

For most job vacancies, the standard method of application is the submission of a CV with a covering letter or email to support your application. There are a lot of common mistakes which people often make when submitting a CV for a position. Here is our i-studentglobal guide to writing a good CV –… read more

Why Study Psychology in the UK? - Dr Ryan Scott

“Why Study Psychology in the UK? - Dr Ryan Scott”

As part of our ongoing series of articles about studying Psychology worldwide, we visited Dr Ryan Scott, Lecturer in Psychology at University of Sussex, to ask him about why the UK is a great place to study Psychology and what the UK (and Sussex) offers prospective students, international and domest… read more

Studying at University with Anxiety

“Studying at University with Anxiety”

Trigger warning: anxiety and mental health issues mentioned. Mental health problems such as anxiety are a serious and common issue, but what is it really like studying with such intense emotions?  It is no secret that higher education challenges you in new ways that school and college lacked.… read more

How to get the most from your College Counsellor

“How to get the most from your College Counsellor”

i-studentglobal spoke to Dr Martin Harris, who amongst his many duties is the College Counsellor at Malvern College in the UK. We asked him how students can make the most of their educational counselling sessions and how to get the best out of the counsellor. Here's what he had to say on the matter.… read more

So You Want to Be a Neuropsychologist? - Jenni Ogden

“So You Want to Be a Neuropsychologist? - Jenni Ogden”

A curious mind and a caring personality make a good clinical neuropsychologist. First Posted Nov 03, 2011 on Psychology Today - Original Link - Reposted with the author's permission I had never heard of neuropsychology when I began my Master's degree in Psychology at the University of Aucklan… read more

The Tech Revolution

“The Tech Revolution”

How a College Education can help you be Innovative in the Future One of the most beloved video games of all time is the Civilization series. The developers of those games were required to present all of human history and knowledge in a format that would not only be fun to play as a game, but also b… read more

Saved By The Bell

“Saved By The Bell”

Saved By the Bell - 4 Career Ideas in the Nick of Time If you're a recent college graduate or a person who wore their last cap and gown years ago, you might be ready for new, fresh ideas about which career path to pursue. This article will tell you 4 careers that you can pursue right in the nick of… read more

What Score Do I Need To Get For The TOEFL?

“What Score Do I Need To Get For The TOEFL?”

What is TOEFL? The test of English as a foreign language — perhaps better known by its acronym: TOEFL — is a vital application component for any international students who desire to study in the United States.  It is an exam that most universities in the United States require of… read more

Why Study Psychology in New Zealand?

“Why Study Psychology in New Zealand?”

Welcome to Aotearoa New Zealand! Land of Hobbits, and many, many sheep Just to give a bit of context (because social psychologists are all about the context), Aotearoa New Zealand has a population of about 4.5 million people, around the same as the Republic of Ireland. Just over two-thirds are Pāk… read more

6 Ways Having A Degree Can Help You In The Business World

“6 Ways Having A Degree Can Help You In The Business World”

If you want to go far in life in regards to your career, one thing you certainly need is a college education. While it is possible to find success without one, those stories are the exception to the norm. This is especially the case if you want to find success in business. Below are six ways having … read more

The UK Marking System from an American's Point of View

“The UK Marking System from an American's Point of View”

If you were an American student, you probably wouldn't be jumping for joy upon receiving a 66% on an exam or essay. The American marking system ranges from 0-100, where 90-100 is an A, 80-90 is a B, 70-80 is a C, 60-70 is a D, and anything below 60 is an F for failing. The B - C range is considered … read more

My Letter To Scotland

“My Letter To Scotland”

The study abroad experience, whether it be for a month, a term, a year or a whole degree often leaves a lasting impression. Elizabeth Weinberg first studied abroad in the UK at a university in Scotland. Here is a poem that she wrote reflecting on her experiences there.   Scotland,I will miss y… read more

How To Get The Most Out Of High School - Kara Masterson

“How To Get The Most Out Of High School - Kara Masterson”

4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of High School These days many students have realized that optimizing their education is a good way to facilitate personal and professional success. With this idea in mind, it is important for students to access and implement strategies that will help them get the mo… read more

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IELTS vs TOEFL: which is better?

“IELTS vs TOEFL: which is better?”

If you are applying to university in an English speaking country and English is not your first language, your institution may require you to take a standardised test. There are two main English language tests widely used around the world, IELTS and TOEFL; but which one is better?We look a… read more

Top 6 Essential Traits of Great Doctors

“Top 6 Essential Traits of Great Doctors”

If you're considering studying medicine, you need to know that you are going to be the best doctor you can be. We've compiled this list of six essential traits you will need to be a great doctor to help you to see if you are you cut out to study medicine! This is by no means all that you will n… read more