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“Education Extras Every Business Major Should Think About”

If you’re currently enrolled at a college or university as a business major, you already know the importance of gaining a college degree. After all, that’s exactly why you’re investing all that time and money towards your education. You’re probably also aware that business majors have a grea… read more

Places to Visit While Studying in Edinburgh

“Places to Visit While Studying in Edinburgh”

With outstanding public transport links and a wide variety of excellent accommodation around Scotland, there’s no excuse not to see more of Scotland’s dynamic cities and breath-taking landscapes. Here are just a few popular tourist stops to give an indication of the variety of incredible attract… read more

4 Healthcare Degrees for Altruistic Medical Students

“4 Healthcare Degrees for Altruistic Medical Students”

Those who find themselves feeling the call to help others may have some difficulty in choosing the best career path. But working in healthcare can be a great way for altruistic students to use their talents in making others feel better both physically and emotionally. Those who have a strong sense o… read more

Why Do Students From India Study in Australia?

“Why Do Students From India Study in Australia?”

Australia, "the Great Southern Land” has long attracted newcomers to its shores, curious about its famously laidback culture, amazing scenery, beaches and unique wildlife. Read more about why international students choose to study in Australia and view some of our Indian student testimonials below… read more


“5 World’s Coolest Co-Working Spaces of 2016”

Students of the world unite, there’s a new trend in town and it’s going to make your life much easier. As if studying wasn’t hard enough, most study spaces are designed in a way to alienate an individual from the outside world and, of course, other people. Well, recently a new trend has emerge… read more

The study of Philosophy in Australia

“The study of Philosophy in Australia”

Australian philosophy programmes are well-respected globally. Mark Colyvan and Alan Hájek detail the structure of these programmes and how international students can apply. Australian philosophy has had a distinguished history. A number of antipodean philosophers - among them J.J.C. Smart, David A… read more


“Why Study Sport in Australia?”

In April 2018, Australia will welcome the world for the 21st Commonwealth Games. It will be the fifth time Australia has hosted the games and the second time they have been held in the northern state of Queensland. It also builds on Australia’s sports-centred culture which boasts over 120 national… read more


“5 Smart Ways to Make the Best of a Humanities Degree”

Humanities, or liberal arts, majors get a bad rap. Many people believe that a degree in English, art, music, history or other such subject area is worthless and won't lead to a good paying job. This can be the case if you fail to plan and simply choose a major because it interests you. With some res… read more

Mathematics in Australia: it all adds up

“Mathematics in Australia: it all adds up”

Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellow, Nalini Joshi, discusses the opportunities for maths enthusiasts in Australia. Australia is a unique place to study mathematics. Three elements combine to make it unique: its high-quality undergraduate degrees, the research intensity of our lecturers and th… read more

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“Interview with a Flight Attendant”

Many twenty-somethings will have spent some time abroad but only a relative few will have spent much of their lives on the move, living in a number of countries whilst growing up and experiencing many different education systems. i-studentglobal spoke to Evelyn, a flight attendant for a major airlin… read more

Journalism training in the UK

“Journalism training in the UK”

Journalism is an exciting and challenging career - no one day is the same as the next. Find out more about studying journalism in the UK and what the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) can do to support your studies and career prospects after graduating. Journalists know the ne… read more


“Glasgow: The Student Hotspot”

Glasgow has a wide range of universities, colleges, an art school, and a conservatoire; beyond that, you need so much more to have a real student experience.   With a wealth of cultural attractions, world-class architecture and design, fantastic shopping and a year-round programme of exciting … read more

Study engineering in New Zealand

“Study engineering in New Zealand”

New Zealand has a number of institutions offering top-quality IPENZ-accredited engineering programmes. New Zealand is a developed, democratic and, compared to most of the world, remote country. It has a population of approximately four million people living in an area 15% larger than the UK. … read more

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“Edinburgh - Things Not To Miss”

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It is perched on top of a number of extinct volcanoes and rocky crags which rise from the generally flat land of the Lothians. Combine this with the sheltered shoreline of the Firth of Forth to the North and you cannot deny the setting is spectacular. With a ric… read more


“Chemistry in Australia – A Scientific Powerhouse”

Chemistry is fundamental to life itself. Whether it's the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the energy we use or the food we consume, chemistry is essential when it comes to meeting our basic needs. In Australia, and particularly at Monash University, the best minds in academic… read more


“Interview with Ruika Lin”

i-studentglobal caught up with former alumni blogger Ruika Lin, a Chinese graduate of University of Virginia. Last time we heard from her, Ruika had just moved from the East Coast of America to West Coast’s San Francisco, where she had just started her first week working for global crowdfunding st… read more


“Why Study Sport in the United Kingdom?”

Welcome to the United Kingdom The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of the four home countries of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with a total population of approximately 65 million people. It has one of the largest economies in the world, with a high standard of living. The UK is descr… read more

Why choose the UK for your engineering studies?

“Why choose the UK for your engineering studies?”

The UK is a popular destination for studying engineering due to its quality courses and opportunities. According to Engineering UK's 2016 Report  "the UK at all levels of education does not have the current capacity or the required rate of growth needed to meet the forecast demand for skil… read more

westminister - uk scholarhips

“UK Scholarships”

UK Scholarships Despite the recent Brexit situation, studying in the UK is still a very popular option amongst international students worldwide - in fact, depending on the nationality of the students, Brexit may make your study abroad more affordable. The UK is globally recognised for providing hig… read more


“4 Tips To Be A More Productive Student”

Slacking off during elementary school or high school is very much different to slacking off at college. The importance of academic success has never been so prominent, as these are the results which are going to help determine your future. With just a little planning, a lot of effort and a few handy… read more


“Travelling in the UK”

University of Roehampton international student Alex talks to i-studentglobal about the great transport links that London offers international students and tells us about some of her travels, both nationally and internationally, from London. Visiting a friend in Chester (Train) It's fitting th… read more

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“My Time in Manchester”

I-studentglobal spoke to Meaghan about her time studying abroad in Manchester.   As an international student who studied abroad, the decision I made to go to Manchester, England, led to some of the best experiences of my life. Manchester is a colorful and vibrant city full of activity, local c… read more


“6 Videos To Help Prepare For University In The UK”

It's September, which means that for a lot of students around the world it is time to travel to the UK to begin or continue their studies at university. Whether you're travelling from near, far or even within the UK, the start of university is a big deal! It's not something to worry about, but it is… read more

9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Galway (or Spend a Weekend)

“9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Galway (or Spend a Weekend)”

i-studentglobal spoke to This Is Galway about why it's a great place to study abroad. Here's what they have to say. We think you'll join us in packing your bags and looking up the next cheap flight on Skyscanner. 1. It’s got a huge international population, so you’ll never feel out of place. … read more


“4 Law Degrees That Set You Up for Success”

If you’re considering a career in the field of law, you need to get the right degree. There are several different degrees that provide a strong background in the legal field. Some of these degrees are designed for future lawyers while others are more for gaining legal knowledge that can be applied… read more


“WHY Bristol?”

Bristol is a unique city located in the hills of South-West of England filled with historic maritime, museums, year-round festivals and greenery. The city boasts how wonderful the passionate residents are and that the city is one of a kind to the rest of the country. We've picked out some … read more

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“Scholarships (For the 2017 Academic Year)”

Here at i-studentglobal, we are scouring the internet to find the best scholarships in the most popular countries for higher education. The countries are as follows: UK, Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the USA. 1. United Kingdom 12 Fully Funded Scholarships for International … read more

Happiness Diary

“Interview with a Self-Help Author - Narissa Phipps”

i-studentglobal spoke to first-time author and Loughborough University psychology graduate Narissa Phipps about her self-help book Happiness Diary, which is released worldwide on 28th September 2016. 1. What first inspired you to write a self-help book? I was working on my 2016 goals and had read … read more

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“International Event Management in the UK”

i-studentglobal spoke to recent International Event Management graduate Megan Doyle about her study abroad experience in the UK at the University of Brighton. What is International Event Management? Many people assume that the course is just party planning, but there was a lot more to the subj… read more

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“Alumni Tips for Incoming Freshers”

Alumni of universities often give advice to incoming freshers or freshman, but here’s a taste of what some reported about their experience to i-studentglobal. Advice From Students in the UK "Don't buy the textbooks before you start; the library will have the latest additions."  &nbs… read more


“Why Study Creative Writing?”

Growing in popularity, particularly within the UK, the study of Creative Writing offers its students a wide skillset which can attract potential employers after graduation. Find out more about what you can learn during a Creative Writing Course, the potential careers that Creative Writing graduates … read more


“Student Safety in the UK: ProtectED”

ProtectED is the UK’s first higher education accreditation scheme for student security, safety and wellbeing, and represents the ‘gold standard’ for assessing work done by universities in this area. The origins of ProtectED ProtectED was developed at the University of Salford, in partnersh… read more

Experimental Psychology in the UK

“Experimental Psychology in the UK”

Dr Fay Short started out her studies in Psychology as a BSc student at the University of Bangor. After completing a Masters and a PhD, she now lectures at Bangor's School of Psychology whilst researching body representation, teaching and learning, and counselling in high schools. Fay gives us a… read more


“An Interview With A Geography Teacher - Dan Cropper”

i-studentglobal spoke to Dan Cropper, a geography teacher at Fallibroome Academy, located outside of Macclesfield in the north of the UK. Dan studied Geography at University of Manchester and completed his PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University. How did you first get into geograp… read more

Top 6 Engineering Projects

“Top 6 Engineering Projects”

Engineering is responsible for some of the biggest and boldest monuments of human achievement. We've searched the world and found six of what we think are the best feats of engineering. See our Top 6 Engineering Projects below and see if you agree. Which is your favourite engineering project? #1 Bu… read more


“WHY Brighton?”

Brighton is the UK's largest and most popular seaside city - and it's easy to see why. Many international students flock to the city due to all that it has to offer. In this article, we have famous Landmarks, Parks, Eateries, Coffees, and Places to Drink in Brighton.  1. Landmarks: The Royal P… read more


“Top 4 Apps For International Students in the UK”

Apps are a great way for international students to make travel plans, make new friends and explore new territories. Here at i-studentglobal, we have reviewed apps that we think all international students in the UK will benefit from. Those apps are HostelWorld, Skyscanner, MeetUp and Pokemon GO.… read more

Transfer Student Checklist

“Transfer Student Checklist”

Transferring college has recently become something that is much more common in the US, with the NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) stating in 2010 that approximately 1 in 3 students studying at a four-year or two-year college will probably transfer at some point. (Referenc… read more

Clinical and Counselling Psychology in the UK

“Clinical and Counselling Psychology in the UK”

Dr Fay Short started out her studies in Psychology as a BSc student at the University of Bangor. After completing a Masters and a PhD, she now lectures at Bangor's School of Psychology whilst researching body representation, teaching and learning, and counselling in high schools. Fay gives us a… read more


“Choose Your Path: 5 Tips For Finding Your Niche In College”

Many students embark on a collegiate journey without fully knowing what career they want to pursue. Luckily schools are primed for this, offering a foundation year or a collection of core courses to give students the opportunity to nestle into their new educational environment. If you are wary of se… read more


“WHY Roehampton?”

Roehampton is a district of south-west London that holds many cultural and historic characteristics for locals and students to enjoy. Located in the borough of Wandsworth, this suburban district is not as busy as central London, but still gives students the feel of a major city. 1. Landmarks: Royal… read more


“What Students Need to Know About FAFSA 2017-2018 (USA)”

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid in the United States. This application is how many US students are set to receive loans and insurance based on required income and tax information supplied. Applying for a FAFSA 2017-2018 The changes for the 2017-2018 year include students be… read more

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“Interview with a Vet Science Alumni - Carla Kelly”

We spoke to a Stevenage-native Carla Kelly, who studied Vet Science and worked at a vet as part of her course. She studied at Plumpton College, validated by the University of Brighton. Did you always want to work in vet science? Yes I've always had an interest in working with animals, since… read more


“Understanding Canadian Education”

Canada is a country comprised of stunning nature, a multi-ethnic culture, and world-renowned education. Although it has many great facets, the education system can be considered confusing to those who are international or studying out-of-province. We're going to take a look at the Canadian higher ed… read more

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“Why Study in Canada?”

Canada is considered one of the best places to study due to its renowned education system, nature, and culture. The North American country has many elements to offer international students who consider making it another home. WHY CANADA? There are endless reasons to study in Canada. Firstly, the… read more


“TV Shows That Encourage A Different Field of Study”

There's a current trend of terrific science shows on channels such as Netflix, HBO, and many others. These other TV programs and documentaries show a vast number of interest in different studies such as criminology, psychology, and social work. What will you decide to study? 1. Grey’s Anatomy … read more


“9 Great Science Movies and TV Shows”

Science fiction and scientific shows have become mainstream on channels such as BBC, Netflix, and AMC. We've listed i-studentglobal's favourite science TV shows and films, just to satisfy the science nerd that lives in us all. What will you watch first? 1. Stranger Things (2016 - Present)&n… read more

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“Over-parenting and Anxiety: How to Empower Students”

The information from this article was distributed in the handout of the ‘Over-parenting and Anxiety: How can we empower students and educate parents’ talk at IACAC 2016 (International Association for College Admission Counseling). The featured contributors of this article are Aleka Bilan (J… read more

Oxford or Cambridge University - Canal

“How To Prepare For Cambridge and Oxford Applications”

The information from this article was distributed in the handout of the ‘How to prepare students for successful applications to Oxford or Cambridge’ talk at IACAC 2016 (International Association for College Admission Counseling). The featured contributors of this article are Francis McIvor (Brit… read more


“Globalisation Lessons Learned During My Masters”

When I did my MSc International Management at the University of Sussex I was very proud. I was selected as one of the 33 people from 19 countries who could attend the course at SPRU which is ranked second in the world only to Harvard University in innovation studies. Globalisation Is the Greatest A… read more


“Interview with Luis von Ahn from Duolingo”

Here at i-studentglobal, we have recently developed a liking for the Duolingo app by Luis von Ahn. We were fortunate enough to speak to the creator of the app about the start of Duolingo and what it means for those who wish to actively learn another language.  Luis von Ahn, CEO and co-f… read more

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“3 Transportation Solutions for Your College Student”

Class schedule? Check. Required textbooks? Check. Off-campus apartment lease? Check. Transportation to and from school? Preparing for college can be an extremely stressful event with a seemingly never-ending checklist of things to do. One item on that list that cannot wait is reliable transportation… read more


“Competitive Careers for College Students”

Deciding on one's career before heading to college is no easy task. There are all kinds of things to consider, from passions and interests to job stability and earning potential. These four competitive career options will help guide students in the right direction as they pursue higher education. … read more


“WHY Chichester?”

Chichester is a city located on the edge of the South Downs filled with old heritage and modern styling. The city holds many boutique shops, restaurants, and art galleries on the edge of sandy beaches and lush greens.  1. Landmarks: Chichester Cathedral  This stunning Cathedra… read more


“UK Bucket List (Student Checklist)”

Arriving in the United Kingdom can be life-changing as there are so many new experiences ahead of any student on their study abroad. Here’s our UK bucket list for what to do after you’ve just landed with all of your baggage after flying for an endless number of hours. What will you decide to do … read more


“An Interview With a Nursing Student - Amelia Puncher”

We spoke to UK-based nursing student Amelia Puncher about her time spent at university and how her nursing degree has benefitted her upon graduating. Have you always wanted to pursue a career in nursing? I found that in college I had an interest in the medical profession, and I found nursing su… read more

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“What Not To Bring When You Study Abroad”

One of the hardest parts about the decision to study abroad is what needs to be brought to your new home. There are endless lists online of what every nifty traveller should pack, but it is difficult to find a guide that is location-specific. Here is what we think you should NOT bring on your study … read more

Arriving in Australia

“Arriving in Australia”

There are a large number of airports in Australia, both international and domestic. Here is a guide to the top five major international cities (all prices are in $/AUD): Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide as well as our travel safety tips and helpful links. Sydney Arriving at… read more


“Finding and Coping with Your New Student House”

Getting set up in England can be difficult as it is, so here is what to expect in different aspects of getting settled in the United Kingdom.  1. Finding Your New Place This should be done before your arrival to the UK, but it can still be accomplished in a short amount of time when in the … read more


“Courses You've Never Heard Of”

Deciding on what to study at university can be a daunting task. Luckily, there’s some odd degrees that could lead you to an interesting career path.  1. Viticulture and Oenology – Plumpton College This degree entails you to learn how to make and produce your own wine and possibly distil… read more

5 Ways to Get The Most out of Your College Years

“5 Ways to Get The Most out of Your College Years”

A good college provides their students with much more than just a degree in their chosen field. The best colleges provide learning opportunities that help students develop the skills necessary to live a healthy, balanced, culturally rich life. That's why schools like UC Clermont College offer activi… read more


“10 Movies That Will Make You Want To Study”

Films can provide many forms of inspiration - art, literature, comedy, and even studying. Here are some of our favourite films that will inspire you - like they have inspired us - to get further in your education.  1. THE HISTORY BOYS (2009) An unruly and charismatic class of boys wor… read more


“An Interview With a Crime Novelist-Hanna Jameson”

We spoke to Brighton-based crime novelist Hanna Nina Jameson about her years of experience in writing and how it led her to become a published author. Did you always want to write or work in the creative writing industry? Yes, I was fortunate to know I wanted to be an author from a very young ag… read more

Why Personal Statements Get Rejected

“Why Personal Statements Get Rejected”

Anybody applying to study at a college or university in the United Kingdom should know that a large amount of the application will be dependent on the personal statement. The styles of writing for personal statements for students wishing to apply to the UK and the USA are vastly different so be sure… read more


“Six New Gadgets that can Make Freshman Year a Breeze”

If you or your child is going away to college, you might have some anxiety about what to purchase and pack for freshman year. There's so much technology on the market today, but it's hard to determine which items will actually prove useful for college students. These six gadgets are highly rated, lo… read more

Top 6 Hospitality skills

“Top 6 Hospitality skills”

What does it take to make it to the top in the hospitality sector? How many of these top 6 hopsitality skills do you have? Don’t worry, there's always time to learn if you’re missing a skill. 1. Customer service This industry is all about people. It’s up to you to ensure that … read more

Preparing for Study Abroad: 5 Things You Need to Know

“Preparing for Study Abroad: 5 Things You Need to Know”

You have applied for a study abroad, have been accepted and now you cannot wait for your adventure to start. Job well done! However, don’t let the euphoria take over control, start preparing the documentation and yourself on time, so you would be at peace while waiting for your flight. Do Your Re… read more


“Top Student Cities in the UK (Outside of London)”

The United Kingdom is considered one of the best countries to study due to the higher institutions here consistantly ranking world-wide and the internationally recognised education system. However, a lot of in-bound international students may only look into Universities in the capital city, London. … read more


“What to Expect when Pursuing a Bioscience Major”

Choosing to pursue a major in bioscience allows you to not only be eligible for a wide variety of professions; it also enables you to explore a field in which you can make a difference in whichever path you choose to concentrate in. As with choosing any major, there have to be a lot of questions swi… read more

Pros to Online School and How to Make Studying at Home Simple

“Pros to Online School and How to Make Studying at Home Simple”

More and more people today are choosing to attend schools online instead of in a classroom. Online classes offer many advantages over the traditional classroom, especially for adult students, students with full-time jobs, and introverted or disabled students. Almost any degree can be earned online, … read more


“5 Reasons Studying Healthcare May Be The Right Idea”

Healthcare degrees appeal to many different types of people. In this field, you can study how to become a dental hygienist, home health aide, pharmacist, or health information technician. You can almost guarantee that there is a healthcare profession that fits your personality and passion. If you’… read more

i-studentglobal's Top Weekend Destinations

“i-studentglobal's Top Weekend Destinations”

One of the best experiences of studying abroad in Europe is having some of the world’s hottest destinations at your fingertips. Whether you have a semester or years abroad, there’s plenty of time to explore some of the most influential cities in history. As students, budgeting is of the highest … read more

An Interview With A Graphic Designer - Oliver Jenkins

“An Interview With A Graphic Designer - Oliver Jenkins”

A Graphic Design student from Norwich University We spoke to UK-based freelance graphic designer Oliver Jenkins about his time spent at university and how his degree has benefited him upon graduating. Did you always want to work in graphic design? Strangely enough, no. I’m sure if you asked any… read more


“Top 4 Degrees for Working in Public Institutions”

People interested in working in public sector jobs are usually drawn to these jobs for a number of reasons. They not only like the idea that their work will benefit the common good in some way, but they also like the stability that such jobs bring. Public sector jobs include positions in the fire de… read more

A Career As a Neuropsychologist: Your Questions Answered

“A Career As a Neuropsychologist: Your Questions Answered”

Article originally published on Psychology Today. Republished by i-studentglobal with the author's permission.  Deciding upon a career is never simple, especially if it involves years of training before earning the first dollar. I often receive e-mails from students asking me questio… read more

The Importance of Reading Other College Application Essays

“The Importance of Reading Other College Application Essays”

A common issue that college counsellors have to deal with is the dreaded college application essay. Regardless of how hard you have worked at school, what your GPA is and which extra-curricular activities you have partaken in, you will need a strong college application essay to help secure your plac… read more