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How to Kick Start your Music Career at Uni
“How to Kick Start your Music Career at Uni”

Always loved music or singing as a hobby but want to take your talent to the next level? Well, being at university, where you’re constantly meeting new people, having new life experiences and growing as a person, makes it the ideal time to think about kick starting your career in the music industr… read more

A Guide to Packing for University
“A Guide to Packing for University”

Moving to university is quite a daunting prospect for most students, because for many it is the first time they will have lived away from home. Relocating to a new city and meeting new people can seem quite scary, but there are things you can do to ensure that you are prepared for the big move. … read more

Study in the UK - What if Five A*s are no Longer Enough?
“Study in the UK - What if Five A*s are no Longer Enough?”

Bhavini Pathak, enrichment manager at Bellerbys College London, explains what universities are really looking for in your application and what her college is doing about it. If you want to go to a top university you have to achieve brilliant results, this is still as true as it has always been. How… read more

How Social Media can Help you Choose a University
“How Social Media can Help you Choose a University”

Top Universities recently published a new Students Online: Global Trends report, which explores how prospective students around the world use online resources when researching universities and courses. (The full report is free to download; you are just asked to register as a member of the TopUnivers… read more

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Spring has Sprung!
Priscilia Widjaja - “Spring has Sprung!”

Kia Ora! (It means “hello” in Maori, one of New Zealand’s official languages) Finally, winter is over. Goodbye puffer jacket, welcome flowery dresses! For those who are a little bit confused, I am in the Southern hemisphere, where seasons happen the other way round from the Northern countries… read more

Port Chalmers
Courtney Windju - “Port Chalmers”

There is honestly not much to this excursion, just another opportunity to enjoy beautiful New Zealand! Sometimes, more than often, not many words are necessary, especially when describing beautiful New Zealand!    “… beautiful New Zealand!”   read more

Goodbye nerves, hello new experiences!
Jenny Jeong - “Goodbye nerves, hello new experiences!”

As soon as September started, I was excited but also a little nervous about going back. It's my second year at Humber College in the Tourism Hospitality Management and Event Planning program, and this year I was determined to work harder, meet new friends and help other international students at Hum… read more