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College Prep in the USA Made Easy
“College Prep in the USA Made Easy”

Overwhelmed by the college admissions process? You should be! You’ve got thousands of colleges to choose from, each with a unique set of requirements for you to meet. Add to that the many voices out there telling you what you must do and how to do it, and you have plenty of reasons to crumble to t… read more

The Cliffhanger - Choosing an MBA Course
“The Cliffhanger - Choosing an MBA Course”

In life we come across many diversions. Many decisions need to be taken. For some, you follow your heart, while for others nothing is wiser than your mind. So when it comes to making an educational decision, you tend to keep your heart away or at least you should. In this day and age, the first and … read more

Online US Masters Programme Guide
“Online US Masters Programme Guide”

If lack of time or your location make it difficult for you to study for a Masters in the traditional manner you might be considering an online course.  Affordable Colleges Online have a new Graduate Degree Guidebook which offers an in-depth guide to online master’s degrees in the U.S. an… read more

7 Steps to Help you Achieve your Studying Abroad Dreams
“7 Steps to Help you Achieve your Studying Abroad Dreams”

So, you’ve decided you want to study abroad: what next? With more countries offering great universities and support for international students than ever before, the sheer range of options is both exciting and (probably) somewhat overwhelming. How can you start to narrow down the choices to a more … read more

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Introducing Monica Hess
Monica Hess - “Introducing Monica Hess”

Sitting in front of my laptop, I am searching for new potential articles that could enhance my research. However, I feel tired, I need a break yet I want it to be a productive one. Therefore, writing my first ever blog seems to be a good idea. So, about me…my name is Monica and I am a Romanian mat… read more

The Musical Cure
Jason Mitchell - “The Musical Cure”

Hello there again Jason is back for another year in the twittershpere here to blog for your enjoyment. So far in the world of sports Toronto Maple Leafs fans believe this is their year! They said that every year though so it’s bound to happen one of these days. On a more serious note though I do h… read more

Jenny Jeong - “"When We Meet, We Change the World" 2014 World Education Congress”

As part of my programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management - Event Planning, I recently had the opportunity to go the World Education Congress in Minneapolis, USA, as a future leader of Meeting Professionals International (MPI). MPI is the meeting and event industry’s largest global commun… read more